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Russell's Review of Happy Gilmore

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Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore(1996)

This is one of those generation defining landmark comedies. This is Caddyshack and Animal House for Generation X. It is highly quotable and has numerous scenes that people recall on golf courses or just hanging out for years to come. This is undoubtedly Adam Sandler's best writing and acting. His trademark anger, immature stupidity and youthful energy as well as his more sensitive side come together perfectly. Sandler has a strong supporting cast around him with of funny support characters to set him up well complement his humor and add little laughs throughout the movie. Seeing the stiff uptight world of professional golf shaken up by vulgar and violent hockey punk is hilarious. It never drags or and avoids going through the cliché mushy comedy lull without laughs. Older generations scoffed at it when it came out but has stood the test of time and is a true classic.