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Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men(1992)

This is one of very few remakes that get it right. It does not attempt to put a new spin, update the setting, or impose political statements to try and find a new meaning. Gary Sinise does a great job both the director and in the lead role. As a director he was able to deliver the full power of the classic Steinbeck story by keeping it simple and staying faithful to the book. As the lead actor Sinise gives the movie its warmth and sincerity. John Malkovich gives a good performance in a difficult role. Sinise & Malkovich are great together, they nailed their characters and formed the necessary chemistry to elevate the movie to the highest level. There characters complete one another and need each other in beautiful way. They are both likable as hardworking honest good workers. It is a very well made movie in every way but the story is extremely sad and completely heartbreaking. It is hard to watch, especially if you know what is coming.