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Short Circuit

Short Circuit(1986)

Number 5, or Johnny 5 may be the most lovable and personable robot ever made for a movie (if not then he is right there with R2D2 and WallE). I do admit that the acting is flat and both Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg overdo it. I did, however, like Fisher Stevens as Ben Jabituya, the Indian assistant. He is a walking stereotype but what he says is funny. The story works well with a killing machine malfunctioning and developing a sense of life and ability to think and feel. His na´ve and curious personality is heartwarming and lightly humorous. The military and tech company that is chasing him are exaggerated buffoon characters, but it works for the lighthearted tone of this movie, which is in no way serious. It may be predicable but it will still put a smile on your face, because Johnny 5 is such a great character. Perhaps I have a nostalgic appreciation for this movie and can overlook some of its shortcomings, but I enjoyed it as a kid and still like it today.