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Halloween H2O

Halloween H2O(1998)

Halloween H2O (7) (1998) (2)
(Horror) Sadly this movie is victim of the late 90s scary movie clichés and pitfalls. I am all in favor of establishing good characters and starting slow by building content, but there is a lot of needless and annoying teen character clichés going on with Harnett and his school peers. There were too many dumb false alarms; this is only a cheap way to make audiences jump without doing any clever writing. Bringing Jamie Lee back was the best move of the movie, I only wish Hartnett, LL Cool J and bunch of other bad characters had less emphasis. I felt like the story needs to follow Lori for most of the time. The direction and style of the movie look good, but the substance is lacking. If the focus had stayed on the good characters this could have been the best sequel of the series, but it gets tangled in its distracting secondary characters. I did really like the ending; it was long overdue and was the perfect way to end the series.... Or is it?