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Russell's Review of Halloween

4 years ago via Flixster


This is one of few great horror movies that transcends the genre and is just a great movie. It is creepy, suspenseful, and flat out scary. This is a brand fear that is convincing, believable and executed in a completely realistic manner. A stronger sence of realism makes it far more effective and delivers a greater impact on the viewer. Haddonfield is a seemingly peaceful sleepy suburb and this gives you the chilling insecurity that this really could happen in your town. The acting is better than most scary movies. Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis are both excellent. Curtis seems so vulnerable and connects with the viewer in a way that makes them invest in her character and really fear for her. Pleasance does a great job to advance the story and his convincing performance lets us know how dangerous this monster of a man really is. John Carpenter was skillful with the low budget 70s camera equipment. The camerawork is excellent and it could not have been done any better today. Carpenter also wrote an amazingly spooky score that completely intensifies the mood. It is one of the most effective soundtracks ever because it really enhances the movie and totally shapes the experience. It has the total package and has held up extremely well over time.