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Just Go with It

Just Go with It(2011)

There is nothing groundbreaking or original about it, but it has enough charm and humor to make it work. It is a basic scenario where one lie leads to another more elaborate lie and the characters, well.... just go with it. At times this movie has a swing and a miss with a joke but most of the laughs work. What does not work is the structure and serious parts that should act as the framework for the whole plot. Also, this movie unfortunately tried too hard to keep it safe and target younger audiences and ended up holding it back from being funnier. This movie could have been stronger had it taken the time to develop some the chemistry between Sandler and Brooklyn Decker's awful character. Adam Sandler, Nick Swardson, Jennifer Anniston, and the two child actors have good energy, enthusiasm, and chemistry. Brooklyn Decker was nothing but eye candy was a huge drain on the movie. She has no acting talents and this was not a role to just look good for, causing the movie to suffer. Sandler and Aniston do have such a good chemistry that the answer to love triangle is all too obvious. A few more jokes for the adults, a little more care with the writing and a better casting of the love interest could have taken this movie up a several notches to become a memorable movie.