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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Girl Model

Girl Model(2012)

[...]The film is obviously dark and upsetting, but it left me with so many unanswered questions. Perhaps in our age of America‚(TM)s Next Top Model, the directors expected a certain base understanding of the modeling industry, but I could have used some more guidance. I would have appreciated a narrator or on-screen captions saying things like ‚This is a recruiter. It is the recruiter‚(TM)s job to‚¶‚? or ‚Nadya is now auditioning for‚¶‚? Maybe I just have a way below average understanding of modeling, but the whole time I kept asking myself very basic questions that could have been easily explained, and would have made for a much more educational film.

Girl Model was an engaging and disturbing documentary, though it left me wanting to know more. It showed us the characters and told us their story, but left out a lot of the context necessary to create a holistic understanding. I‚(TM)ll probably end up trying to do some more research about the topic to answer some of the questions that I had, but it would have been nice it the directors had done that work for me.

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