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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim(2013)

Giant Monsters vs Giant Robots are you kidding me? What's not to love? This is pure fun; Pacific Rim is an "original" story that is inspired by Japanimation Cartoons and 70's Godzilla type movies, if you don't go in with that in mind you'll be disappointed. Director Guillermo Del Toro's over the top, rich and indulgent cinematic style and story telling are centre stage here and it works. I was thoroughly entertained by all the CGI butt kicking and demolition. Much like the original Transformers it was great to see this genre come to life on the Big Screen... that said, the key to making an outlandish tale of Monsters vs Steel really come to life in a convincing way is the acting, and casting Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba really gave this movie that extra boost of credibility. Idris Elba really has the ability to command the screen in just about everything he's in and the same stands true here.

This movie really is about two things, giant monsters and giant robots everything else seems superfluous, case in point, the unnecessary side story of the science team trying to mind meld with the Kaiju, and the contrived and silly love story, other than that Pacific Rim delivers as promised. "...today we are cancelling the Apocalypse!" Chills.