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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
2 months ago via Flixster

I've had to think a long time of whether or not this is the greatest Star Wars movie of all time. I'm still unsure where it places in the pantheon of films, but at the very least, Rogue One is in the top 3. The reason behind this is very simple... it focuses on the "unimportant" characters... the people BEHIND the important galactic events and figures and uses a rallying cry of Power to the People. In all of the other films, the main characters are the elite of the elite, the big movers and shakers of incredible importance, but Rogue One is the opposite. It shows the excesses, the truth and violence, and what it really took to sustain the Rebellion. The heroes are far less glamorous and are far more human, even if they aren't technically human. We all like to think that if we were somehow how in this universe, we'd be a very important person, but more than likely, we'd just be a face in an endless sea of beings. Rogue One is the beautiful homage to all of us plebs that try our best, make a huge difference, but will never be known...

Best Of Enemies
4 months ago via Flixster

An excellent examination of history and politics :) Great viewing, especially in light of recent Governmental developments

The Peanuts Movie
4 months ago via Flixster

Perfect for old and new fans alike :)