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This is 40

This is 40(2012)

The thing about Judd Apatow movies is that they're always twenty minutes too long. The last fight scene at the party drags on, and nothing really gets resolved. A static dramatic arc isn't necessarily a problem, but it just seems like sound and fury signifying nothing. The other thing about Judd Apatow movies is that the woman - no matter how beautiful and charming, as Leslie Mann is - is always a bit of a bitch-on-wheels. She's all demanding and naggy and in denial of her bad arguing habits, and although Deb DOES trump all the men in her life by saying she's the only who has balls, none of the men do anything particularly vilifying. Pete makes some mistakes with money, but he is genuinely bend-over-backward sweet. Her two fathers DO cause abandonment and financial issues, but I don't think I should mention them because Deb herself wants to stop blaming her parents.

The vacation sequence is wonderful - Pete and Deb reliving their stoned, pre-parent days, and realizing that if they just remember this moment, they don't need to fight. The scene in the principal's office with a belligerent Melissa McCarthy accusing them of harrassing her kid (which they did do) and they both baldly deny any wrongdoing on their part is a great show of loyalty despite them being in the midst of a fight. I also rather dig Megan Fox. She has no shame or pretension. She has no problem playing up her maneater persona. (She was also rather funny and coy on "Wedding Band.")