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X-Men: Apocalypse
12 days ago via Flixster

The second X-Men trilogy ends on a much stronger note than the first. X-Men Apocalypse kept me engaged despite its long runtime, as the young X-Men come to grips with their powers while battling one of the series' most powerful and memorable foes. It does have a few cheesy moments; Apocalypse, awakening after 5600 years of slumber in Egypt, hatches his plan for world domination because he sees a television montage covering the cold war.

Star Trek Beyond
17 days ago via Flixster

It's about as over-the-top as a summer action-adventure blockbuster can get, but 'Star Trek Beyond" is actually pretty fun once you suspend disbelief and ignore a few plot holes. The visual effects are truly stunning, and the story creates some mystery that will keep audiences engaged. It certainly deserves points for an originality that was lacking in the previous Star Trek film.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
21 days ago via Flixster

In spite of their titles, the Star Wars films have notably spared audiences from the reality that war means sacrifice; stormtroopers can't shoot to save their lives, and most consequential characters make it through to the end of the film and get a decent ending. Not so for Rogue One, a movie which takes a noticeably darker tone than previous Star Wars films. In spite of being a fantasy film, Rogue One speaks volumes on what it means to be a soldier who puts the mission above everything else. While the film starts somewhat slowly, it builds up to an unforgettable crescendo, and stands out as one of the strongest entries in this long-running franchise.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?
44 days ago via Flixster

Overlooked today in favor of its folk soundtrack, "O Brother" stands out among the Coen bros films that tell a deep story with important themes, yet don't take themselves too seriously. O Brother takes The Odyssey and transports it to Depression-era Mississippi, and it will be remembered for clever dialog that's fitting for the time period. The use of repetition will be amusing for many, but annoying to other moviegoers.

Finding Dory
Finding Dory (2016)
57 days ago via Flixster

Not quite as fresh as "Finding Nemo," but packed full of all the heart I expect from a Pixar movie. When looking for a fresh children's movie, you'd do no wrong with Finding Dory.