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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures(2013)

I don't know whether to give it the 1-star it deserves or reward it with a 5 for being a nearly awesomely bad cult flick in the making -- it's just screaming to be musicalized for Broadway or the West End. The problem is: it's just not quite bad enough to be brilliant and it's not brilliant... well... at all. It is definitely for the Twilight crowd -- I mean, what Twilight did to Anne Rice's vampiric standards, Beautiful Creatures does to her Witches sagas. I would actually compare this mostly to Beastly (another YA novel adaptation to film that no one even remembers by now I'm sure). It also reminded me of a terrible Disney channel made-for-tv movie for the generation that enjoyed Zenon and Halloweentown (or even one of those Olson twins movies made before they developed fashion lines and eating disorders).