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Hyde Park on Hudson

Hyde Park on Hudson(2012)

I don't really know what story the film-makers were trying to tell with this film. The whole thing is narrated by Linney's Daisy but her story is so dull compared to the meeting between Roosevelt and Bertie that her character just became plain irritating. Also it made no sense that she would be able to tell the Bertie story as she isn't present for most of it. It's such a shame as I really enjoyed the scenes between Murray and West and Colman and West but the film feels the need to delve into Roosevelt's relationship with the women around him and doesn't seem to come up with any amazing revelations. If Michell and Nelson had just focused on the better story this could have been a great film and certainly Murray, West and Colman are brilliant here. It's just a shame their performances couldn't have been put to better use.