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Django Unchained

Django Unchained(2012)

Tarantino is a film-fan first and foremost and therefore I tend to find a lot I can enjoy in his films. Like his previous film 'Inglorious Bastards' he has taken a genre we are already familiar with (ie the Spagetti Western) and added his own twist to it. If you liked Inglorious you'll like this...and I love it! The script is as witty as ever and Tarantino has once again surrounded hbimself with the best actors to say his lines. Waltz is briiliant as Schultz and if he seems similar to his performance in Inglorious it's simply because Tarantino wrote the part with him in mind. DiCaprio is also a revelation as Candie and is obviously loving every second of it but my favourite performance was Jackson's, playing a vile character that you just can't help but laugh at as he stands by his master's side and repeats the last few words of every sentence. It's his best role in a while and it's nice seeing him getting his teeth into a performance after so many superhero and Star Wars films.

The film is long (perhaps a little too long? The ending, although great, takes a while to get there) but there are so many interesting characters along the way and some cracking scenes (the Klan scene where they argue about the merits of their masks is so funny it's almost Python!) that I was never bored. I'm looking forward to seeing this again soon and I left the cinema with a massive smile on my face. It's a fun, fun, fun film!