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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty(2013)

The story of how to catch Osama oddly fails in its last act as they storm the compound. I'm not sure whether the scene needed to be shot from Maya's stand point or be there at all. It's just odd that the character who had been at the centre of the film for the last couple of hours is now nowhere to be seen.
The film's other failing is the guest list cameos. Noticing Joel Edgerton, James Gandolfini, John bloody Barowman etc make a surprise appearance. just took me out of the film.
Chastain does hold the film up above her head. She is compelling as the last woman standing.
It's not as empathic as The Hurt Locker. As compelling as Maya is, you never feel any emotionl connection to her or the film itself. It's doused in poilitics, but it never makes any judgement on the methods used by the CIA. It just presents thm in their gruesome truth and lets you decide.
A well executed film, pardon the pun, but a bit too cold. Where's the humanity?