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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Sessions

The Sessions(2012)

At Oscar time catch-up, I have just become livid with the Academy. How has such an amazing film been snubbed SO BADLY. Screw you DDL, this is the leading acting performance of the year. John Hawkes is just amazing.
A supporting nod, well a win, should also go to William H Macy as a priest who adapts his religion to let this man have some life and also live out his own frustrating celibacy through him. At least Helen Hunt got a nod, but as supporting actress? I think this is my favourite leading actress role of the year.
This is just a beautifully told story. It has a perfect balance of comedy and poignancy for the story. The juxtaposition of Mark's 'confessions' to his priest and Cheryl's dictaphone notes on the case are a great peice of storytelling.
Before I saw this, I heard complaints about the male/female nudity balance in a film about sex. I do see what is said. We see Helen Hunt in full frontal, but never see John Hawkes as so. As I see it, Mark hadn't seen his penis in such a long time and it is a story told (most part) through his eyes, however I thought the mirror shot should have balanced this out. This is my only niggle and it doesn't stop this from being a five star film.
Watch this. I beg of you. WATCH THIS! AND DAMN THE OSCARS!