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The Details
The Details(2012)

It all started with the raccoons! :-)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Liked it, it was just what I wanted it to be - fun. The timing just as it should be to get to know a bit more about the characters, very similar pace as in the "Fellowship of the Ring". Was kind of afraid how would almost three hours be filled when the Hobit book, compared to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy books, is only several hundred pages long but I found it very nicely done. Bottom line, that were fun three hours and I am looking forward to the next one.


Pleasantly surprised by this movie. Didn't know what to expect. Probably one of D. Washington's best performances in a while. A story about alcoholism, its impact on a person's life and struggle against it... Thumbs up!


Good spy story, good acting, great trip back to the end of the 70's and a look at the Iran revolution. When all is put together, you get a very nicely and believably told story! Affleck did a great effort to make a transition from a lame action hero movie star in Daredevil to this movie and the previious movies like the Town. Thumbs up!


A seemingly straightforward movie but behind it a nicely told sci-fi time story. Its good to see BW back in the kind of movies that I actually started to love seeing him in and JGL did a very good job as well, but the hat goes to the future "Rainmaker". There might a glitch or two in the story, but hey, you can't actually blame it on the movie since it very hard to cover every story angle whenever the topic is time travel, but in any case - this movies does that part very well.

Overall, for me - the most unexpected good movie of this year.

The Intouchables

A nice story beautifully told. Great acting and great script. Praises to the french filmmakers.

The Dark Knight Rises

Such a disappointment after the second one. Bleak characterization, unrealistic situations and turnovers and most of all - everybody knows who is batman! I expect much more from a conclusion, at least for it to be in line with the second movie but as it turns up, its the weakest link in the trilogy - such a waste.


Very good story packed in an excellent production. Although story opens up some new question I am actually satisfied with the answers it gives. The ones that remain open are actually exactly the ones that I would want to remain unresolved since they entice the imagination and let you remain wondering. I just hope that some time in the future we will get answers to some of the new questions. The cast... David and Vickers - excellent. The other, very good imo.

The Iron Lady

Ok movie, but I expected more details from her political life, the situations she found herself in and how she manged to stay in office for eleven years. Like this it felt much like a fast rewind and forward as flashes of her life.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Hmmm... watched both the sweedish original and the us remake. The remake is quite good, fincher did a good job. Think remake Lisbeth took a really good grip of the character.


A pleasant surprise although rotten didn't give it a very favorable review. Nice theory and good acting, got much more than initially expected. Nice story as well, makes you wonder a bit was Will such an ass on the other maybe Roland just didn't like Will's persona much or reading his works in school...


Reminded me somewhat of Kickass. I expected much less, so I was pleasantly surprised. A solid "superhero in a realistic world" movie with a touch of parody, of course complemented by a very good cast.

Frankie & Alice

hmm, what can I say. Great cast wasted on a very poor script. It doesnt have that special point at the end that clicks in your head and makes you say "that was a nice movie to watch". Overall, an ok film for the casual - i do not have anything better to watch - afterwork movie night, but just do not excpect much.


Disappointing, there are much better and funnier cartoons.

Che: Part One (The Argentine)

Finally movie about Che. And it tells a good story... looking forward to the second part.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I was dissapointed with the ending, I dont know what is the point of this movie. Expected some kind of a lesson in the end but nothing... the movie just abruptly ends. It tells a nice story, but that about it. I kinda expected an ending similar to forrest gump, but its not.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

I kinda liked this one. Old guy with a grudge on anyone around him...


not a bad movie, but in the end you are left with a soar feeling that you are left out from your expectations. Although I liked seeing Liam after some time back on the screen...

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

the first one is always the better...

The 11th Hour

one of those documentaries which make you wonder and think, how can i help to make things right?? i think its a must see for everyone, but everything said in the documentary is everything that has already been said in one way or the other - this movie only reminds us of it in a very nice and good way...

Vantage Point

i liked the movie, an interesting story told through several different perspectives, although, in the end you do not understand the reasons behind the whole story, a story nicely put and told, i liked the movie... great cast

War Dance
War Dance(2007)

a great documentary, a great true terrifying story being told through the eyes of several children living in a refugee camp in northern Uganda... a must see

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

this movie was one of those i like the best, those from which i do not expect much and then they blow you away how good they turn up to be, great scenery and acting, and the best thing - the ending, has abundant gore and violence, and the question put before you is who is the monster in the movie?

Love in the Time of Cholera

of you've read the book, the movie will dissapoint you... but its an ok interpretation of the book, good cast

The Kite Runner

a nice story, although, i was not that much convinced into it as if something was missing,a bit naive, but an ok movie...

Rambo (Rambo IV)

heh, what can i say, naive, i liked much more the first three parts, much more and better done action scenes, this one quite naive, short and you just cant seem to get the feel of the first three movies... rambo is too old and finally glad to see him get back home, hopefully no more rambo movies :)

No Country for Old Men

hmm, the oscar well deserved,a great movie,strange but interesting story,everything done realistic, javier was great as were the others... a must see movie.


heh, although a decent cast, and i dont think about j.alba (i dont like her acting) it was a so- so movie, could have been better...

Gone Baby Gone

i liked this movie, although it in the end didnt have nothing special to lift it from all the other movies i watched recentlty. I think i liked this movies mostly because of a good story and a good cast, the story suited me and it, although a predictable ending, suprised me in the end... watch it, a good one.

The Eye
The Eye(2008)

hmm, i liked it, dont know is it just me but usually iam not edgy at these kind of flicks, but this one, gave me few scares, liked the atmosphere, although the ending was a bit disappointing, but overall, a very good movie :)

We Own the Night

its an ok crime movie, russian mob vs. NYPD brothers taking revenge, actually dissapointed in the end... too naive, but judge for yourself

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

its an ok movie, retelling the story of an ending of one of the most notorious gunmen in the old west, nice played, good acting... strange in some kind of a way but nicely told, the bottom storyline is the irony of it all, irony of mankind...

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (AVP 2)

heh, what can i say, i love the original movies and this one dissapointed me - quite, even more than the AvP1,only pure survival action, jumping from one scene to the other, expected much much more, only thing that didn't disappointed me is the ending (mrs. yutani)... if you like aline/predator, you should watch, only because of the characters


a very good movie, funny and realistic, i was quite surprised, didnt know of it, if ill have to compare to a movie i watched not so long ago, i would say its similar to little miss sunshine, also a great movie, if you liked little miss, youll like this one too

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

great scenography, but a so so script , nothing special, expected much more due to great cast

30 Days of Night

heh, its a movie for one night, nothing special, a typicall modern vampire horror movie with an expected ending

American Gangster

a very good movie, in line with the godfather movies, based on a true story, its definetly worth a watch, great cast

King of California

solid movie, nice story :)

The Kingdom
The Kingdom(2007)

its an ok movie, solid and realistic concerning action scenes, nice acting crew so thumbs up :)

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

interesting movie, a solid remake, but not as good as the original (vincent price), i expected less but was statisfied in the end... nice story

Feast of Love

hehe, funny movie actually, you get a few good ironic laughs

The Simpsons Movie

spider pig, spider pig does whatever spider pig does,can he swing from the web, no he cant, hes a pig, loookout - and the chainsaw scene! worth it :)

Ghosts of Cité Soleil

a great documentary kinda a movie, gets you very well into every day lives of the chimeres gang leaders of the Port au Prince poor city district cite soleil in Haiti prior and just after the fall of the dictator Aristide


was quite doubtfull of the movie, but it proved to be quite good, grat story, a courtroom battle between a suspect wife killer hopkins and a an ambitious young district attorney burke, trying to outwise each other, with a good but suspected twist at the end...

The Bourne Ultimatum

a bourne movie as the two before... gives the typicall bond typo movies a more realistic touch, so thumbs up

Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks(2007)

was really quite suprised by the movie, great cast, and a decent screen play, nice twists... very very good

The Invasion
The Invasion(2007)

a body snatchers remake, kinda dissapointed, great cast, but seems like the scenario and the production failed absolutely... anyway glad to have seen a remake, even if it was a so-so one

In the Land of Women

a nice relaxing movie, sat well with me that evening, reminding me pretty much on the garden state, an untypicall life - love story

Live Free or Die Hard

hm hm, watched it, still thinkin bout it, but i rang it quite well, no islamic terrorists, thank god, no excessive all american propaganda, well, the main bad guy is actually a genuine american, i like the most the third one with j.irons and s.l.jackson but i also like this one... its been long since i last heard yipi kay yay,fun movie, youll like it if you liked the previous die hard s

Reign Over Me

very good movie, i saw sandler in a role i could barely imagine him in, but he did great, cheadle is also quite good, i must interesting movie, dealing with loss, but a bit unrealistic happy end, which actually brought down the score for me a bit, but hey, movies are in the supposed to be like that, make feel people feeling good :)


the trailer of the movie made me quite intrigued so i really wanted to see the movie, but when i saw, although the cast was quite good, in the end the story was a bit expected and later in the movie made you felt its nothing so special...actually quite predictable, so i think it could have been made better, but in the end it is a decent movie with a great begining story potential

Ocean's Thirteen

what can i say, its just another oceans movie, great cast, dim scenario made interesting, i liked most the first one, the 2nd was good but a bit too complex and seems like its never gonna end, while the 3rd one, this, is just the opposite, too short for what we are usually used to from ocean series, i also thing the previous two were more funny that this last one, but its for everyone tastes to decide... enjoy

The Reaping
The Reaping(2007)

hmm, a strange movie with a solid twist in the end, but somehow i liked it, had something with it, a bit od mysticism and intrigue, its actually almost a classical tale of good vs evil story, angel vs devil...


hmm, strange movie, maybe a bit too boring and slow moving plot, but thats the usual with the movies based on real events, chris cooper was excellent though

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

TERRIBLE!! one of the worst movies ive seen in a while, terrible acting, terrible plot, naive and childish, doesnt deserve a rate at all

The Messengers

a so so movie, nothing special, unfortunately very predictable and mainstream, nice effects but thats bout it... all in all not worth watching in the theatres


hm hm hm, lynch at last, but its not a classic lynch movie like the fight club or even Seven on which apperantly was a prequel for the Zodiac cause he didnt have the movie rights back then... what can i say bout it, its based on real events, and thus the story also appears quite real, but theres nothing scary or making you itch for in this movie unlike the seven for example, which i bad cause the seven fans will be dissapointed and not too mention sometimes too deep entering into irrelevant plots and trying to guide the watcher away from the main leads... too complex, too long and REAL! but great acting!

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

hmm, english humor in its bad essence, didnt like it that much, overrated, even more than the Shaun of the Dead... expected much more

28 Weeks Later...

hmm whatc can i say, not a bad movie, those who liked the first one (28 days later) will like the sequel also... but also not a master piece, the story is continuing on, RAGE takes upon the rest of the world ;)

Hostel Part II

watched, catastrophy as the previous one aslo... dont like these movies, blood blood, stupid story, and geee, making fun of other countries culture (in this case the czech one)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

hmm, nema boljeg od jedinice, al ajde, trojka jest bolja od jos katastrofalnije dvojke!zasto, ocito je prvi dio bio the best you can get pa se razocaras kada u nastavku ne dobijes isto, al opet, rijetko je nastavak bolji od prednika...