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Hard Target 2
Hard Target 2 (2016)
41 days ago via Movies on iPad

Not really related to the previous film just the same premise. Knepper is a great villain and the best thing in this. Scott Adkins is his reliable best but it's time for him to step up now and find a big screen film worthy of his talents and break him out

Alex Cross
Alex Cross (2012)
41 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Not as bad as I heard. Tyler Perry just doesn't have the clout for the role unfortunately and that's a major flaw of the film

Absolution (Mercenary: Absolution)
53 days ago via Movies on iPad

Seagal sits around a room looking bored while his partner is out and about doing all the action. Guess he just couldn't be bother as he mumbles through his lines

Murphy's Law
Murphy's Law (1986)
56 days ago via Movies on iPhone

One of bronson's better cannon films and something a bit different from the usual fare he churned out. Teamed up with a badly dated female car thief who has the worst insults you've ever heard