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Zookeeper (2011)
23 months ago via Movies on iPhone

What in the actual fuck is this film? He can talk to the animals? He's a zookeeper but leaves to be a car salesman as that is a better job? Oh and they neglected to include a single joke in this comedy.

Horrid Henry: The Movie
2 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Then they gathered the viewers in the place the Hebrews called Armageddon, and the seventh angel turned on the film and a voice cried out of heaven "it is done". And there were voices and lightning and thunder, an earthquake the likes if which has not been seen since man was on the earth. The world split in three parts and cities and nations collapsed. Thanks for ending the world makers of this offensively bad excuse of a movie

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim (2013)
3 years ago via Movies on iPad

Giant robots, piloted by people in crazy suits & helmets, fight giant monsters.... It's power rangers... Minus the comedy villain... Minus Bulk & Skull... Minus the issue of the week... And not nearly as fun.

Everything happens so slowly, that it's hard to care after a while. Add to that fights that only seem to happen at night, in the rain and you're pretty much bored by the time you you think it should be ending at the 1hour 20 minute mark. Seriously, how did they fill extra hour? Oh that's right... More kaiju versus jaeger fights that are anything but thrilling as the move. so. slowly.

Gravity (2013)
3 years ago via Movies on iPad

Have you ever watched this advert...
... and wondered what the hell Harrison Ford was talking about?

I think it may have been Gravity. It might seem trite to suggest that it is a bench mark in film making, as the days of bench mark film making seem so far behind us now that it was had to imagine a film coming along that would redefine what movies could be.

Gravity is simply amazing. From the beautiful realisation of space and the views of Earth, the soundtrack that adds without distracting, the breathless excitement of the destruction of the shuttle, to the tension that never let's you go.

So Mr Ford in answer to your questions...
2)Yesterday, when I watched Gravity
5)That was Transformers:Dark of the Moon but for different reasons.
6)Again yesterday, when I watched Gravity
7)Um... there's not one... I don't like the bus
8)Er, Gravity? Just to keep the theme going
9)I hope to god not Gravity Part 2

The Big Wedding
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

"Welcome back, you join us in the final round as Jason attempts the brain buster question for his chance to win £50,000. Are you ready for the question Jason?"

"Yes, I'm ready"

"So Jason, this is it. Your chosen category is film and here comes your question, The Big Wedding stars 4 Oscar winners. Name them and the films they won for?"

"Fuck off does it! Have you seen that film? It's fu...."

"I'm sorry Jason but that's the wrong answer. What I was looking for was Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, Susan Sarandon in Deadman Walking, Diane Keaton in Annie Hall or Something's Got To Give and finally Robert De Niro for Ragging Bull."

"Again I say have you seen how shit that film is, there's no way any of those actors won an Oscar!"