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7 years ago via Flixster
The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid(2010)

When the movie is done, I have a positive, warm feeling inside, so overall I'm happy...
But if I take it apart, I do remember that it was made my a couple sections.
It was really slow, and, I think the best word is uncomfortable, for a long while to start the movie. I guess the first movie was similar, and it has a purpose. But the story really caught wind suddenly when the training starts.
Then there is another brief weird period after jaden is really advancing... I guess culminating in jackie's breakdown. So I guess both sections were really quality movie design.
China was a very peculiar scene, with no real explanation why there... but it really grew on me. The eastern beliefs didn't quite bother me, as they still found some universal elements (of course they did... they were trying to sell them to the rest of us, just like china). But it was a bit unbelievable at many junctures... in todays world, people just wouldn't let some of this stuff go on...

And though I thought I wouldn't, the old movie was in my thoughts a lot. I thought the way they managed to reinvent while staying close to the old story was really cool. And the way the mom was used.... classically like the old movie. Still, I thought some things were left out that made it not quite the level of the original.
It makes me sad, sick, of what Hollywood/our society do, what they're about, they'll use absolutely anything to make a buck anymore.

But, still, I definitely think well of it, all-in-all.