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Moana (2016)
36 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Cute CGI disney movie. "You're Welcome" is catchy as hell and the flight of the conchords guy was great as the giant crab. Imaginative characters and a nice feeling of adventure, some genuinely surprising plot twists.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
48 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Enjoyable and forgettable. The main guy and his fat sidekick are both unlikeable. The main plot reminded me of the silent hill movie. FUCK CGI characters. The monster catching scenes were borrrring video game shit that just slowed down the movie. Slapstick kid stuff. Johnny Depo looked fucking gay and ridiculous. Collin Farrel would have made a better bad guy. Also the ending made NO SENSE. Why would fat man just volunteer to have his memory wiped and walk away from the babe? Why would autistic pet guy walk away from the person he falls in love with? dumb and contrived

Arrival (2016)
48 days ago via Movies on iPhone

An enjoyable Contact remake, albeit with a paradox as the central plot element. Creative concept for aliens. The two leads had no chemistry, and the military "bad guy" who is always shitting on the scientist chick is a bit of an unbelievable caricature. I did feel emotional mear the end during the final confrontation with Chinese General guy until the paradox got me thinking...Guess that's the limitation of linear-time thought!

Logan (2017)
48 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Good superhero movie. A mix between Leon The Professional and Robocop/Terminator 2. Biggest complaint is how they try to have it both ways with the girl: she doesn't know what holding hands or eating with a fork is, but she can drive a truck and load/unload a pistol.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
56 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Hilarious, memorable, touching. Amazing characters. Absolutely nails the emotions of breakup, rebound, and forgetting. Amazing chemistry between cast - and to too it off the musical pieces are excellent- catchy, hilarious, and develoos the characters.