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4 years ago via Flixster


The plot for this film is nothing special, and the narrative is essentially a collection of situations tied together. Technically, this film is nothing special. But it does have one quality that makes it very funny throughout. This movie is funny. REALLY REALLY funny. It feels like it is nothing more than an R-rated live action version of "Family Guy", but who is to complain when the results are hilarious? McFarlane's Ted delivers on the promise "Paul" made but didn't follow through with; it is a lovable, adorable CGI character that is a genuinely filthy, heavy R-rated character. This bear curses, engages in narcotics, fraternizes with strange women, and while most of this behavior would be off-putting to some, in the form of a stuffed teddy bear it is disarmingly endearing. McFarlane also found a great straight man to Ted's antics in Mark Wahlberg, who I am typically not a fan of but I am finding him to be very strong in comedic roles. Not only does he service Ted's humorous parts well but he gets plenty of laughs on his own with strong comic timing. And FINALLY there is a girlfriend part that doesn't feel cloying and irritating; Mila Kunis is charming while still being insistent that she needs Wahlberg's character to step up in their relationship. There is a side story with an obsessive father and his son trying to kidnap Ted that should have been excised completely, but I laughed pretty consistently for almost the entire running time of the film, which I have not done in a while. McFarlane may be somewhat repetitive in his style of humor, but this does feel fresh and original, and if that one trick pony can still elicit some really hard laughs out of me, who am I to complain?