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God Bless America

God Bless America(2012)

One of the most brutal dark comedies I've ever seen, I am willing to bet there are several people who won't be able to see the humor in this film. However I laughed through the entire thing, and relished the razor sharp social satire that permeates through the entire film. Chronicling the story of a man who finds out he is terminally ill and contemplates taking his own life, instead he decides to turn his gun on the people in society he thinks are destroying the culture and promoting ignorance and shallow behavior: guys who take up to parking spaces with their car, cruel and prejudiced talking heads on national news networks, reality television stars, etc. The film has a serious tone through much of it, and the humor therein lies in the absurdity of the situation, but also in how well it illuminates the hypocrisy and disgust in the way everything is unfolding. The film reminded me a lot of "Network" in that its attack on its target is unmerciful, but so spot on you can't help but find it alluring. I love that this film was made; I never thought something like this could muster a release, but thank the independent film circuit for taking a risk on a truly subversive picture.