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Batman: Year One

Batman: Year One(2011)

Loved it, loved it, loved it. By a mile this is my favorite of the DC Animated films. Taking Frank Miller's best writing on the Dark Knight (yes, I personally even rank it among The Dark Knight Returns) and brings it to life in animated form very effectively. I loved the animation style and the tone of the entire film. The movie was shot similar to a film noir, with Jim Gordon (Lieutenant at this point in time) providing the narration for most of the film with occasional snippets narrated by Batman. Jim Gordon and Spider-man have long since been my two favorite comic book characters, and Gordon is NAILED in this effort. Bryan Cranston of "Breaking Bad" fame does an incredible job with the voice acting of Gordon, and it brings the whole detective element of it to life in a vivid way. I can honestly say Gordon is what drives this story which is likely why I love it so much, and every facet of the character is done spot-on. The unrelenting honor and obsession with true justice that Gordon possesses is not compromised here, and I applaud the director for staying faithful to what makes the character so beloved. Batman is also done very well; he plays more of a supporting character here for most of the running time, but in this instance it strengthens the story by allowing a strong secondary character to take center stage. The film also follows the comic incredibly well, even in little details; the film shows The Mark of Zorro was the film that the Waynes walked out of when they were murdered, following the comic to a T. Several of the shots in this film are even taken directly from the panel of the comic, and the art style is fairly reminiscent too. And the content for this is definitely for an older audience. Prostitution, infidelity, attempted child murder, there are several dark themes explored effectively. DC Animation continues to do their characters justice with these animated efforts, and it will be difficult for them to top this latest release.