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So good! Really surprising and unexpected, disturbing and inspiring. HIGHLY recommend!


Way too violent for me but so much better than the last movie ?? OMG ?? intense, riveting, harsh, surprising...

X-Men: Apocalypse

So much potential.. Such a long movie to have nothing much happen.. Not bad, just.. Why

Hacksaw Ridge

Pretty intense, a good movie if you can handle the rough parts.. Bullying, and warfare..
I'd recommend watching it..
As i was watching it i had a lot of sensations of.. Why do we go to war?!? A lot of sadness and pain and possibly anger/frustration

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

Not as bad as i thought it'd be! And love the use of poop, of course

Star Trek Beyond

Not amazing not horrible. Unnecessary comedic lines, luckily not much sexual tension, missing the beauty of star trek in a good way, too.. Choppy, starts boring

Racing Extinction

So profound, tough in parts, inspiring in parts, definitely a call to action, and a reminder of our power.

The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution

that was incredible and amazing. there were several challenging moments, but it was a great tale of possibility, opportunity, and lessons

The Book of Life

I didn't see the beginning, and then elected to watch the rest in Castilian (Spanish), so I didn't catch it all, but a perfect crossover movie on my way to Mexico city :-)

Whale Rider
Whale Rider(2003)

very inspiring and beautiful

El Alcalde
El Alcalde(2013)

disturbing, but interesting if you're interested in issues of drug violence and

The Amazing Spider-Man

I'm definitely a sucker for Spiderman..
as are many others I know, come to think..maybe that's a nerd thing?
so good spidey!

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

I set this to record the other day, and turned out by parents did want to watch it.. a powerful book, but definitely difficult to spend the weekend with animal liberationists and then come to this movie, especially when you search the net for some making of info and find
and of course, it didn't hold a candle to the book


Oh I don't even like thinking about this movie by accident, even tho I did think of the drill scene today because of Chris

A Place at the Table

A very interesting and informative docu, it'll flip your views of food, obesity, policy, etc..snippets:
50 million people in the USA are food insecure (don't know where their next meal is coming from), 1/4 kids are hungry, in a country with more than enough to feed all

Symphony Of The Soil

So good! It's a fun, optimistic (imho)docu about the importance of soil, and why we're at where we are.don't believe The GMO advocates, good soil is all we need, and compost and organic agriculture are all that's needed for that!

Breaking Away

A fun coming of age story, all filmed in Bloomington, Indiana.
I missed the first part, but I'd recommend, anyways it was good enough for cineclub's weekly bicycle movie night! :-)
And maybe i like it because I can relate to parts!


Don't think I've ever seen his films, so just went to this since it was free, and..well there were points I wasn't into it, but by the end I thought it was a really nice movie, and I recommend!

After Lucia
After Lucia(2012)

Intense. she has an easy life by comparison, but her "first world problems"(eg bullying) are no less powerful/hurtful.hmm..
I only saw it in Spanish so I missed some, but the gist was gotten all through.

Far From Afghanistan

Powerful, interesting style as well, granted I don't watch Indie films much

Mary and Max
Mary and Max(2009)

Can't tell if its for kids, wonder how they'd find it, but it was interesting, and definitely real in many ways the imaginative bits may allow us to forget about


Laziness found myself at the start,a cute smile and antics kept me Yeah..I'm surprised to say ;-) romance aside, of course, heh

Another Earth

As usual missed the beginning.the concept is pretty cool/interesting, tho the film itself isn't quite NY style(little darker and in some ways slower, in other ways odder, than I'd like :-)
People I watched with really seemed to enjoy!

God Bless America

Great poster.
My compatriots loved it,i have mixed feelings about content but there was some very entertaining dialogue.

The Waiting Room

This is pretty astounding,i highly recommend all watch it!
so many reasons

Big in Bollywood

I highly recommend this movie, and find it accessible to US and s.Asian audiences alike, very moving/heartwarming (a feel-good movie, as they say)


Oh that Russell brand.. Probably not a good movie but maybe i was distracted enough;-)

Herman's House

This was a surprisingly amazing movie, from the desc I didn't expect to like it, but since I got to watch part of it while volunteering I checked it out, and very interesting+cool!


Wow, fancy..
Watched it with my dad, don't think he kept up, tho he'd seen tiger..the Hindi remake?

Rang De Basanti (Paint it Yellow)

Had some good content, but..starts a bit slow..yeah i could do without the Bollywood songs too, mostly:-P


Pretty well done doc,i recommend!

50 First Dates

Oh oops,I watched a movie i marked not interested.odd..:-P
I think I'm becoming a sucker for romcoms

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

A good picture of dysfunctional families (the all too familiar tale?)
And Marky Mark? nice..
Woa, that's freakin weird, that's TWO movies Amy Adams in-a-row! And I didn't even know.. I really respect the vowels she has in her name. Very quality. :)

Catch Me If You Can

This is another "been meaning to for years" movies.. damn! Maybe I should just hang out with people more, seems like they like to get together and watch movies.. but i love to chat.. oh so conflicted! :)
It was pretty on point.. i was expecting a bit more social engr'ing though, but.. works!
So maybe calling Lonny this kid doesn't make sense after all.. eh!

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

like 11 years after my roommate justin Hess told me to watch it I have completed this feat!
Funny that dude has my name too.. ;^)
Seems like a good critique of corporate life.. or american ["white collar"] life? somethin.. bein a cog in the machine, etc etc..


The premise was good, the oil spill/evil capitalists angle somewhat entertaining, but.. bad acting, melodramatic, etc., kinda kills it. I def see why it was widely panned. It didn't seem to start off so bad tho?

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

hadn't been the biggest fan of Jim Carrey for a long time, but.. i'm down with this movie, his zaniness isn't too bad (I think? ;^)


over it. I'm largely just over Cameron, that lover of war.
I know some think this movie is an indictment of US foreign policy. I think there's some of that, but there's a lot of glorification. Not bad like Transformers tho!
GREAT effects.
"The fetishization of women of color + white messiah myth = Avatar" - Manila Ryce

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Not what I had expected, but i liked it! At moments brilliant

Muppets From Space

Love 'em muppets! seems more sexualized since Disney took over the franchise tho..

You Kill Me
You Kill Me(2007)

Tea is fabulous! Even if she doesn't love David Duchovny, I still think she's great. :)
The alcoholism and murder really make the underlying love story bearable, in some ways very entertaining.
Teach her how to be a killer? Brilliant.

Into the Wild

It was great!
Interestingly, the emphasis isn't as squarely on what makes Chris my dream/role model from reading the book, but it's a great look at him, philosophy and life. I'd recommend the book to everyone first, but if you won't.. Do the movie, learn Chris -- he's great. :)

Fred Claus
Fred Claus(2007)

Was actually really funny I , maybe i'm deprived - who knows! The ending wasn't so great, but..

The Great Debaters

Fabulous. And isn't that parli?? Rock it!

The Dark Knight

I'm surprised that i liked it a lot, esp the Joker's social commentaries, very interesting after meeting all these folks during this whole Roadtrip for Ralph time i've had..


Resaw it today, this movie really is brilliant!


BRILLIANT! Paz was great, and I didn't know Sandler did dramas, I think I'm becoming a fan! -@


BRILLIANT! I love it. :) Such right on thoughts/words.. what can i say!


maybe i'm just a bit of a sucker for these indian movies or something, but I enjoy them.. :)
(But contrary to my cousin telling me, this _IS_ a romance film. Blech! But funny, so.. :)

Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om(2007)

dunno, i guess it's supposed to be a really bad movie, but i kinda liked it.. what can I say! Fun+funny undoubtedly in many parts [if you ask me! :)]

The Pallbearer

Better than I would have expected.. ;^) I could recommend it.. Oh wow, it came out that long ago? Trip. Watched it w/ my Indian cousin, that was fun/ny.. :)

Snakes on a Plane

should I even admit I watched this?? It definitely was _not as bad as I thought, I have to admit tho! :)

Ram Dass: Fierce Grace

WOW. Can I say more? Yes. Unlike any experience I've heard/"seen," and I Highly recommend giving this movie a watch!

Monsoon Wedding

started off a bit not my style, but i enjoyed it. :)


not bad. would have been easier to understood if I knew Hindi. :)


David Duchovny, why don't you love me..
Hah. I'm down. OH! It was released on my b-day, even tighter. :)

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

It was me, I was the california turtle in australia!

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

I think it was good, long time ago I saW!

American Pie
American Pie(1999)

too much toilet humor and.. *sigh*

Once Were Warriors

WOW. VERY powerful. A bit tough to watch, so see it with some good friends, watched it in my Intercultural Communications Class, and it's great for understanding the effects of a new culture on an existing..


You go Marky Mark! That was pretty rockin! Even tho bit guessable at times..

An Inconvenient Truth

Wow. I have a newfound respect for Gore, and this film.. was just amazingly impactful, even to an self-proclaimed enviro..

The Namesake
The Namesake(2006)

Saqib & others recommended, I didn't see him in it, but though a bit slow it was definitely worthwhile, esp as a desi..

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

I love it! No wonder I love Spiderman over any other hero, Peter's just like ME! :)

Along Came Polly

cute, if you like romances it'll be better, but it was kinda funny, esp the awkward and noncommitalness

The Pursuit of Happyness

Cute, pretty well-written and performed.


oh, so DRAMATIC! not necessarily poorly written, but.. it was alright

Bride and Prejudice

Recommended by Phoebe, cute little view of India

Golmaal: Fun Unlimited

it was funny, not knowing hindi didn't hurt I think, eventually I turned the subtitles on though, that made it funnier.. :)