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Richard: The Lionheart
16 hours ago via Flixster

Man how could they have gone wrong in so many ways..... i don't mind fantasy movie's whom attempt to retain some kind if historically accuracy, but this one just went on many paths of retardation....
and could they have richard any lees likable and gay.... only good thing about this silly shit was of course mcdowell's brief appearances as king henry

Journey To Promethea
16 hours ago via Flixster

Billy Zane Saves and Ruins this movie!..... and there was a "almost" epic Collar on the main villian but they didn't go full on epic, which was a bummer... but this is fairly entertaining for it's cheese and bad factor.

Legend of the Red Reaper
4 days ago via Flixster

Tare Cardinal Though be it the Mastermind and director of this movie, is also the main downfall of the little potential this movie had...

Her acting sucks.... and her character is way to bratty and girly to believe she is a strong heroine.... and the editing was a headache.. so boo on this shitter of a movie!

Hundra (1983)
7 days ago via Flixster

Not as bad as expected....... but the plot is ridiculous in general.