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7 years ago via Flixster


Super movie. I just watched it again. Movies like this remind me of my grade & high school years, when I was balancing my college-prep academic subjects with my study of music. So, the movie was very touching for me.

I thought the 2009 film was better than the 1980 one. However, I haven't seen the original Fame since 1980, so it might not be fair to make that comparison now.

Naturi Naughton, as one of the female leads, was absolutely sensational, especially given the variety & depth of her skills. Kay Panabaker, another female lead, was disappointing -- especially when compared to other work I've seen her do. Charles Dutton was awesome. And, newcomer to blockbuster films -- but no stranger to theater, music, recording, or rock/pop music videos -- Asher Book was pretty good. What's amazing about him is that he actually attended the New York School for the Performing Arts. That is the school portrayed in the film. He's also a native of Arlington & Fairfax, Virginia (suburbs of my current hometown of Washington, DC). When I was a pre-teen, I lived in that area of Virginia too.