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Bruce's Review of Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D

5 years ago via Flixster
Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D

Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D(2012)

Reading the reviews of these idiot critics is hilarious. Here's one of the funnier ones, "The personalities on screen have such limited shticks, such one-dimensional ideas, that they're no fun to hang out with." These "personalities" are actual people who are simply doing crazy stunts. Obviously it's not a movie for everyone but you can't be ignorant or arrogant enough to use the same method of analysis for this type of film as you would for the snore-fests that typically wins Academy Awards. To try and do that just proves that these people shouldn't have a job. Bottom line, my only knock on this movie is that is wasn't more like the show. That actually tried to spin a little bit of a story and time duration into the hour and a half and it wasn't necessary. If that would've made it more like the show (like how the Jackass movies are exactly like that show) it would've been better. Other than that, if you like seeing crazy people do crazier stunts and have some good laughs while doing so, you'll enjoy this movie.