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Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

yes very black the swan

Paris Je T'aime

tantas historias, tan cerca, tan cortas, magia!
Paris...oh Paris

Goodbye, Children (Au Revoir Les Enfants)

it feels good when you have the opportunity to watch a good film :)

Julien and Bonet have that special connection, their friendship is different and special sad life can be at times

au revoir mon pere


Slumdog Millionaire

the children act so well, photography is superb, the ending is so sarcastic and fun!

Burn After Reading

what did we learn from this?


romantic, funny...enjoyed it!

Bedtime Stories

was expecting more when saw the poster and ads...predictable, even silly at times...uff, the way he all of a sudden resolves everything...not my favorite type of story actually...some kids may like it though

The Duchess
The Duchess(2008)

Keira is such a great actress...if she is in a movie, others come second.

The end to the story is surprising and sad, the conquer for liberty, the misery of society..what they lived for, what was it?

can someone be partially free? can you love someone the way you understand love?


it is a beautiful movie, it is sad as well...i got this feeling...

God bless you all, Guys
God bless us


Jane Austen's language and manners get you into all the formalities of '"Society'"

Emma is definitely a character. The way of life presented is kind of thought provoking...""most definitely'" ...superficial?

The series, the book, the movie...something!


"Take from our souls the strain and stress"

"Je t'aime...Reviens, reviens-moi"

Great movie!

500 Nations
500 Nations(2004)

500 Nations is worth acquiring

America, beautiful continent

The Nations, the people, are the core and essence on a well-presented thread. Each and every of the quotations is full of meaning and can take you there indeed

So sad, so real

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

A good one.

The battles were very good. You could actually find yourself yelling...for Narnia!!


Juno is such a cute. She is absolutely smart and beautiful and all. So cool you may wonder if that?s the whole point.

Then she becomes a mother, a very special mother with no attachment to her baby.
Her family is so cool people too. The way they receive the news is really something.

Jennifer, the wannabe mom, is overloaded with emotion on the wait. At last, when arrangements have been made, every thing is set, the thing is ?got over with?, Juno sings a song.

Bizarre. Still digesting I guess.

House of Sand and Fog

Oh, munecos de porcelana, acostumbrados al azucar en la lengua, a caminar sobre algodon. Be not so, buscais alivio como sea

Mientras, del otro lado de la acera, una rafaga de espadas atraviesa el corazon

The Education of Little Tree

It's been good. Next time it'll be better

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

Citizen Kane es como esos libros que se tienen siempre a mano, a la vista, solo por el placer de hojearlos nuevamente alguna vez

Habia algo esperando a ser descubierto, OW lo vio

Amores Perros

The Director's Cut is interesting. It is a different experience mostly if you are watching the film for the first time. You do not live it the same way, but from a conscious/explained perspective.

It is a very violent and crude movie. Long and even hard to resist.

It intends to show though, as the director indicates almost at the end of his comments, how we are all affected by loss, from the very beginning of our lives. How losing what we value breaks us apart, and how, in every circumstance, Love is the only thing that can transform us for the good.

Chungking Express

Non conventional Won Kar Wai.

Funny, colorful, interesting. Imagery and Photography are great.

Very good movie!


Typical, but very enjoyable and well done :)

The Wizard of Oz

En principio me parecia una trama demasiado simple... Al verla una vez más comprendí porqué es todo un clásico de grandes y pequeńos.

Dead Poets Society

Had seen it many years ago, and again found it to be worth it watching over one more time.

This epic is special.

All you see is what can be seen from where you are standing.

Good Bye, Lenin!

We express love in many ways, without saying a word, or even saying or inventing many.

We are just the way we are when the walls tumble down...

Distant Lights

So real...a portrait of human condition.

Left us waiting for more when the credits appeared...

The drive for survival prevails in Polland, Ucraine, Gemany, as well as in this side of the river.

We all have the same basic low instincts, same inner questions, fears and fights.

La Ciudad Sin Limites

Who is sick? who ends up being the main character, what is it talking about?

Beautiful work!

The unexpected actions and reactions of this family are creatively presented and make this an unforgettable movie.

Gangs of New York

One of the few movies where I have found crudeness and beauty finely entangled.

La Lengua de las Mariposas (Butterfly) (Butterfly Tongues)

I could have never imagined the ending to this movie...

Wow!!! Sad!

Where can selfishness take us when we close our eyes not to see

The Spirit of the Beehive (El Espíritu de la colmena)

Delightful to the eyes...questioning to the mind

Since Otar Left

Esta pelicula es verdaderamente especial.

La edad no hace diferencias, las vivencias son las que marcan.

Me encanta el valor de la abuela, a pesar de terca, y dura de caracter, llega a enternecer y mostrar solidaridad luego de que la golpea el dolor.

Que facil es hablar cuando se esta del otro lado del muro.

Le grand voyage

These two men, father and son, live in their own world, so far apart, but interlaced.

Though they may not communicate and even when they think they do not have the same vision or perspective on things, or the same goals, they are so related.

They fight for what they want, and slowly and unnoticed start discovering each other...the true voyage.


Watching this movie was a strange and unexpected experience to me...

If a movie is supposed to be a representation of reality that holds a moral, this one accomplishes it...what could the message be though ?

What do facts imply?

The Man on the Train (L'homme du train)

It is a very special movie, interesting and confronting.

Les Miserables

The story is absolutely moving... the acting is magnific!

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita č bella)

Deep, funny, smile, you cry...beautiful!!

My fave ever :)

The Grandfather (El Abuelo)

Good movie!

Narration style is different, kind of slow paced, but my eyes stayed on the screen all the way.

The impression I got from the characters changed as I looked at them closer.

Fernan Gomez is awesome. Even as the bad tempered Abuelo you cannot keep from his charm.

Tokyo Godfathers

It was a nice and entertaining movie...good animation, good story...i enjoyed it