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The Amazing Spider-Man
4 years ago via Flixster

Well i like it. A different approach, same basic storyline and a successful reboot. Lizard is one of spidey's first foes and to be honest i like the way he looks. Instead of going for a surreal lizard look, they decided to keep it a little human also, which makes sense, and it does the trick. As to be expected it is rather fast-paced, and i'm glad the whole process of Peter becoming a hero skipped some unnecessary parts thrusting him straight into the action as Spider-Man. It is simply a really cool film.

The cast is brilliant, i simply loved each and every one of them. Andrew is the NEW spider-man, with a fresh new look that in my opinion appeals to a wider range of viewers. Special effects with various unique and beautiful scenes + a truly well thought story line make this a pretty damn good reboot.


Man of Steel
Man of Steel (2013)
4 years ago via Flixster

Everyone is bashing this film but so far i haven't read a proper review to clearly convince me why it's not what many expected. I find it fantastic both literally and figuratively and simply quite appropriate, considering the path we're heading to with filmography as of late.

Man of Steel strived to solve from the beginning many issues and questions that normally were left unanswered in previous films, or tv series, for a long time. Man of Steel succeeds bigtime. The film begins on Krypton, a simply fantastic sensational and original recreation of planet Krypton, the end war and it's final days, It is somehow explained that even among kryptonians Kal is one unique individual. So not just the stronger sun on Earth but this old and pure DNA within him. Quickly after the destruction, Clark is on earth all grown-up lookin for his origins and finding his answers. i JUST LOVE how everything is being filmed scene by scene in a comic-ish style. One scene quickly leads to another. It's rather fast-paced, imagine skipping all the boring stuff that we ALL already know about Superman, and add the fact that this time HE KILLS for real...ok too many spoilers, and you get a perfect 21st century superman.

I actually noticed the gas tank explosion with LexCorp logo, and the satellite by Wayne Enterprises. Now how cool is that...smells like possibility to me.

Henry Cavill is incredible, to be honest i like this new tough Superman, not to mention that after so many films he learned to wear his underwear beneath the clothes. Amy Adams...sweet, was kinda used to tougher manlier but sexy Lois Lane, this one is...sweet and seems fragile. Zod and Faora (the sexiest woman alive now) were 90% made to look like the their original counterparts, especially Faora, same eyes, same jawbone...amazing. Jor-El gotta love him...hell i'm pleased with the cast and acting all around. NO complaints at all.

i'll end with an advice. 3D is pretty much everywhere now especially at premieres. For this particular film it's a must, the special effects are the most incredible i've ever seen so far, the destruction and the fights seem incredibly real, it's how i've always in-visioned a film with Superman.

Enjoy, it's a RUSH!

The Place Beyond The Pines
4 years ago via Flixster

Finally HOLLYWOOD impressed me again and raised my expectations with this truly beautiful unique film. Enough of all that pew pew and finally something with substantial depth in human emotions. A series of unforeseen consequences, hidden agendas, lies and deceit, forgiveness and sins of the fathers. Sometimes all these collide and, well...shit happens. It's like this usually in life also, karma is a bitch that spits you in the face when you least expect it. This film might help you explore your lengths, see what if...what would you be willing to do for...this or that. Sure got me thinking, but then the film ended and back to reality.

I was really deeply caught up into all this melodramatic heap of human emotions, another proof that drama and tragedy sells better and appeals far easily to a humans heart, reason why i so fucking enjoyed this film. Granted, acting was great, but i knew that already before it began, and the script is breathtaking. The rest is pretty much lots and lots of heart and dedication towards making this emotion driven story line which quite frankly would surprise me if it didn't appeal to any man alive.

I've heard mixed opinions before watching, like usual i ignored ALL of them and decided to go with my gut. Hasn't failed me yet. SO IT"S DEFINITELY ONE OF THE BEST FILMS I HAVE PERSONALLY WATCHED SO FAR THIS YEAR. Emphasis on the So Far.

ENJOY and lose yourself watching this, only then it will do the trick.

Silver Linings Playbook
4 years ago via Flixster

I am not going to write a 1 page review for one of the greatest films i've seen this year so far. The drama, the dialogues, the mixed misguided feelings, the trauma, brain damage and drugs followed by love, friendship, family and unity, and the stupendous performance of well...ALL the actors, in one huge "ball'' of wondrous delight, sincerely...Amazing!

I highly recommend it to anyone in the world, right this instant.