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Douglas' Review of Lincoln

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


What can be said about Spielberg's Lincoln...I cannot say that it was without spirit and I cannot that it was without perspective. The presentation of information, while quite direct and stream line was provided marvelously. The film does not offer us the life story of the great man but of a time when he was facing his greatest conflict. This film offers us in actuality what appears to be a window into the past. Often in Spielberg's films I feel him poking at me with purposefully placed humor and playful antics that bring me out of the film but in this picture he has refrained from doing so.

Performances are great and I do not believe that there will be a greater representation of Lincoln in a film, at least not in my life time. Daniel Day Lewis needless to say did an amazing job as he always does, but honestly it was in the lethargy and dramatic energy of Tommy Lee Jones that struck me in this film. I thoroughly enjoyed him in this picture. Day Lewis and Jones are a force to be reckoned with. Sally Field also, not to forget her moments of great depth, despair as well as pride. If for no other reason than to understand the serious struggle America had faced to rid itself of slavery, this is a great picture and I do recommend it.