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A lot better than I imagined it would be. A bit sentimental at times, but thoroughly amusing and top-notch animation!

The Master
The Master(2012)

I like how some review this film as "It's not all about scientology!" It's obviously all about scientology. One could over-analyze this film to death, but why bother? Lotsa shouting! Fun fun!

Love Exposure

Probably the most honest movie about teens I have ever seen. Also, madness!


Actually a quite original story. The special effects are a bit dated now, but it is all very stylish, very genuinely terrifying.


Bad movie fans, you are in for a treat! A dinosaur kills hippies, Clint Howard is in it, and the ending is hilarious. Plus, it contains perhaps the greatest line in movie history, "Breaker, breaker, you're not going to believe this! There's a HOLY FUCKING DINOSAUR T-REX!"

Beyond The Black Rainbow

Visually interesting. Horrible pacing, confusing, puzzling. The people who made this never bother explaining anything, so why should I give a shit?

Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!

A bit long, but always entertaining. Too bad a lot of the films mentioned are out of print or are not available here!

Shallow Grave

Fun early Boyle film. If you want to see Ewan McGregor with the most ridiculous haircut ever, this is the film to see! Also, murders and stuff.


I recommend this film to teens everywhere. And adults too, I guess.

The Last Laugh (Der Letzte Mann)

I wish more movies were like this. Silent is often better.

Film socialisme

Typical Godard. Hard on the brain. Fuck you for trying to comprehend this nonsense. Still... better than anything I've seen in cinema houses this year.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

I like Star Trek. I like Robert Wise. The two do not mix well. However, if you want to watch a movie where the characters are watching another movie (2001: A Space Odyssey) this movie is for you!

Life 2.0
Life 2.0(2011)

Heavy handed and one-sided at times. Still, an interesting film. Also has some unintentional humor and can be surprisingly touching.

The Princess and the Cobbler (The Thief and the Cobbler)

The production story of this film is an odd one. This DVD version, watch it on MUTE and it is tolerable. The animation is fantastic. Amazing how much Disneys' Aladdin "borrowed" from this film.

Spirits of the Dead

Not the "Horror" movie I thought it would be. The Fellini part is by far the best, not surprisingly. His part alone is worth the above rating, though the Malle section is worth a watch. The first part,meh.

Phantom of the Paradise

Pretty goofy DePalma rock opera. I'll take this over Andrew Lloyd Weber any day! Also, Rocky Horror owes a lot to this film.


An important film for it's time, I guess. It's quite boring, really.


Ayoade is funny, this is obvious. Who knew he was so into New Wave?

White Dog
White Dog(1982)

A rather odd film about a racist dog. Samuel Fuller actually makes some pretty poignant social commentary with this one. Rated PG for some reason, though I kinda doubt many people have seen it. So, see it.

Fanny & Alexander

Episode one is perhaps the best Xmas movie there is.

From Beyond
From Beyond(1986)

Not as good as "Re-animator," but still, you're not likely to forget it.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

I still hate 3D when it comes to film, but I feel this is one of the few films that would have done it justice. Unfortunately I saw it in 2D, but still, amazing. A film "artifact," if there were such a thing. Everyone should see it.


Still amazing. Incredibly funny, Incredibly British.

Point Blank
Point Blank(1967)

Badass! Another winner from John Boorman, director of Deliverance and Zardoz.

Mystics in Bali

Good if you want to see a horror movie from Indonesia which = cackling witches, floating heads, and horrible horrible dubbing!

Enter the Void (Soudain le vide)

Drugs! Tokyo. Out-of-body experiences! Insanity!

Cat People
Cat People(1942)

A silly, yet very well made noir/horror film. Jacques Tourneau certainly is the French Hitchcock. Beware, Leopards!

Cane Toads: An Unnatural History

Funny! Best quote, "Hear that sound? That is the sound of cane toads in the back yard mating. It's a great sound.......and I LOVE It!" -old man

World's Greatest Dad

Another gem by the ole' Bobcat Goldthwait!

Flow: For Love of Water

Nestle wants to rape yo' water!


Typical bewildering anime story that makes no sense, though is still entertaining. This came out in 2006? Only took me 5 years to see it apparently!

Life During Wartime

Not quite as good as "Happiness," but still a fitting, dark, hilarious sequel.

The Thin Red Line

A lot better than I remember when I first saw it. Worth seeing again if you haven't seen it in a while. For a Malick film I was surprised how much of a story there was!


It's not a great movie mind you, but it's gruesomely hilarious, oddly paced, and fucking gymnastics, that's what!

The Tree of Life

How can one even rate this? This film has it all: volcanoes, cats, brad pitt hurting small children, dinosaurs, a piano, beaches, water, god...Malick may be going insane, but i'll keep seeing his movies if they continue in this vain.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Abrams and Spielberg can put on a good light show, but it's no close encounters...Special effects= A, Story=C, plus NONE of the kids die! Very depressing ending.


One of the most interesting (if not best) "vampire" movies i've ever seen.

Two-Lane Blacktop

Dennis Wilson's finest!

Deep Red (Profondo rosso)

A rather suspenseful thriller from the italian horror god. Interesting story, bitching soundtrack, killing, etc. Also, art!

Ace in the Hole (The Big Carnival)

Interesting Noir in which you get to see Kirk Douglas act like a total, im-moral fuckhead. And I mean that in the best possible way! Double Indemnity is a better Wilder film, but I enjoyed this far more.

The Wages of Fear

Quite possibly the best ending EVER!

Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts(1992)

More smarmy than hilarious, but worth seeing. Alan Rickman should be in more political films.

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Quite an amusing film. If you want to see James Cagney dance, that's what he does pretty much the whole fucking movie.

Army of Shadows (L'Armée des ombres)

Depressing, enjoyable, realistic war film that doesn't over-glorify things.

The Lost Weekend

Best movie about drinking ever! Unintentionally funny and overly dramatic. Noir plus drama = dramedy of sirk proportions!

Hiroshima Mon Amour

So French New Wave it hurts. Beautiful film though.

Mon Oncle d'Amérique

Utterly bizarre, odd film with an odd philosophy. Not what I expected at all, but enjoyable.


Geeze! You haven't seen this yet?

Pierrot le Fou (Pierrot Goes Wild) (Crazy Pete)

Fucking amazing. I rarely say that about anything. See it.


Another amazing Godard film. It had Brigitte Bardot and Fritz Lang in it. What more do you want??


Especially amusing to music afficinados interested in alternate futures. Damn you Jarman! You should have made more movies like this!

Baby Doll
Baby Doll(1956)

Elia Kazan is amazing. Recently saw this in a film class, but it is still great. The characters are southern stereotypes for sure. That is why it is good.


Want to see Harrison Ford in an Amish community! Want to see him kick some yankee ass? See this!

The Brood
The Brood(1979)

Not Cronenberg's best, but still highly amusing. Worth seeing for the ending.