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The Nice Guys
The Nice Guys (2016)
3 days ago via Flixster

I enjoyed this, this is kind of the perfect movie for a Friday night in with the missus and a takeaway. It's really funny and the performances by all involved are great. The young Angourie Rice in particular is great. It's kind of inconsequential and you feel like you'll have completely forgotten it in a couple of weeks but for the 2hrs of viewing it's great fun.

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown (1997)
9 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Remind yourself of when Tarantino was almost effortlessly at the top of his game. The film is still too long and has too many characters but when the dialogue is this good you really don't mind them overstaying their welcome. The plot in itself is relatively simple so the Leonard adaptation angle is irrelevant but the performances are all spot on. Really great.

Fury (2014)
13 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I really enjoyed 'End of Watch' so I went into this with fairly high hopes, it doesn't really live up to them. Everything looks great and the battle scenes are suitably gritty...really gritty, just seems nasty though in many ways. Unfortunately all the characters are paper thin cardboard cut-outs, Pitt seems like the only one who went to method acting school the rest of the tank crew are hamming it up to 11. In particular LaBeouf who feels like he wandered in off the set of 'Transformers' and figured growing a moustache would be enough to convey the necessary gravitas. Not one to live long in the memory.

Shrek (2001)
20 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I've been trying to persuade Felix to watch this for months so it was odd then to finally sit down and watch it to be a little underwhelmed. It's fine but it's really not as great as I remembered. Donkey aside the jokes fall mostly flat and it really lacks any charm at all. There;s one or two lines which really aren't appropriate as well. I know that makes me sound old, well I am. Felix only mildly enjoyed it as well to be honest, nowhere near some of the films we've watched recently. I won't be bothering with the bazillion sequels.

23 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Another one of those DVD/Blu-Ray Extra style documentaries but that's not to say it isn't worth watching. It's basically an overview of the book (still on my 'to-read' list) and then input from modern day Directors as well as some clips of the original interviews. The insight from the Directors are probably the most interesting aspect of this film. I could happily of just watched Scorsese and Fincher disect Hitchcock's work to be honest. Truffaut's own work is skimmed over but then the book is I believe almost exclusively about Hitch's career so that seems fair enough. Definitely an interesting viewing.