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World War Z

World War Z(2013)

It was decent, good even. The plot is fairly simple and I think the film benefited from it. It was a movie with 10-15 major scenes as opposed to an edit fest. Often times, these sorts of stories get way too complicated for their own good and huge holes are blown in the plot. However, there are still a whole bunch of small pot holes that you realize after walking out. For instance, what do the zombies eat? Why are the soldiers on the carrier listening to some UN suit? Why do the Israelis not systematically eliminate zombies? Pitt is super laid back, but I liked that he was the only one not panicking in the action sequences. He pulled it off and added some realism to the script that action stories often lack. Though the family story was a bit cliché, I did like the female Israeli soldier character. There was a lot to like in this movie and it did just fine for me.