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Flesh and the Orchid

This move has got an interesting atmosphere and star actors and director. Some reviewers say that beyond the simple trailer plot, it aspires to examine deeper meanings such as the inherent solitude of the human being. However, the flawed script and storyline makes me give a thumb down. The story is very flawed, unconvincing, and childish. The tension never builds up. The simple and childish story makes it difficult to believe that this movie wants to say something deeper. Another annoying thing about this movie is how actors are always hustling around in a labored manner, trying to make us believe that a real tension exists in the movie.


An allegorical and pinching critique of the celebrity culture, dehumanizing consumerism and hollowness of today's society by the young Canadian Director, Brandon Cronenberg . I am not surprised that this is not popular movie. People don't like to be criticized head-on. The visuals are also stunning.

God's Horses
God's Horses(2014)

A sublime and artistic look at radicalization.

Django Unchained

As all Tarantino films, a technically well-made and entertaining B movie without any depth. This one verges on exploitation and blood porn.

The Killer Inside Me

A glorification of violence, in particular violence against women; I wonder what else can be the point of making this movie?

Dogtooth (Kynodontas)

An allegory about home-schooling or home-schooling at its extremes.

Kissing on the Mouth

A nice experimental movie; Offers something to think about.


This Australian mockumentary is one of the best Comedies I have seen. Kenny is a lovable and believable character. Use subtitles not to miss the Aussie accented humor .

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I liked this movie because it is another Woody Allen movie with alluring observations on human condition and relationships. I also loved the seductive Spanish background. However you get the impression that here Allen can't bring up a convincing story and is using the narration to glue the parts together. One also gets intimidated by the impression that Allen is trying to dictate his point of view through narration instead of making his point subtly and artistically and leaving the viewers to decide.

Landscape No. 2 (Pokrajina St.2)

Watching this allegorical, unconventional crime drama from Slovenia was fascinating. Slovenian cinema is weighting well beyond its size by producing such movies.

Disco and Atomic War (Disko ja tuumasoda)

One of the best documentaries I have seen. Both informative and humorously amusing.

Paranormal Activity

Was not that scary and sometimes was getting boring but all in all it was an innovative and smart horror movie.

Law Abiding Citizen

Just another junk cop story.
I really didn't know the justice system sucks so much before watching this movie. Well they should immediately hang the criminals from their balls why are they waiting for evidence? When one is a criminal well he is a criminal why do we need evidence?

The Reader
The Reader(2008)

Intense and fascinating. And as always stunning Kate Winslet

Slumdog Millionaire

A polished Bollywood movie. not Oscar worthy.

Il Divo
Il Divo(2009)

I would have enjoyed it more if I was an Italian or an expert on Italian history. The movie inundates us by too many names and characters on the presumption that we already know them. Apart from that it's a chalenging and innovative political movie.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

Hollywood dream for girls: A rich man comes riding a white horse ... err... limousine and changes everything. She in turn teaches him to have a human touch. Forget about the way he managed to be so rich. 2 stars just for the fine acting by Roberts.


Life on the margins of the society and it is still a life. A breathtaking movie which thanks to it's witty humor does not depress you in spite of it's grim subject. Every moment of this movie has a story to tell. Stunning performance by child actors.

Cassandra's Dream

It's entertaining how an atheist author's manifest on the death of God turns out to be a yearning for God. Since there is no god, at the end nothing can prevent man from committing the worst imaginable wrongs.Critics say this is a hastily made movie but it has got ideas. I prefer this to a finely made empty movie.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Not a parody, not an homage, not a metaphor. Just another empty Tarantino action movie.

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

The dumbest big budget movie I have ever seen.


smart, wise, smooth. This is a movie you learn from without noticing that it is teaching you something which was not the case with "Knocked up" another movie with the same subject which felt like a guide to parenthood.

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

I wonder how ling Tarantino will continue making B movies, saying it's an homage to B movies.

Sex & Philosophy

I wonder how long Makhmalbaf can go on making movies full of pretentious rhetoric which strive to talk about very serious philosophical issues but do not make sense at all. Here the philosophy is nothing more than some preaching monologues by a narcissist man who acts as if he is the embodiment of wisdom while they are evident at best and nonsense at worst. I admit there are some extremely beautiful pictures here but isn't a movie something more than a sequence of beautiful pictures?


I wanted to watch this movie for years but seems the opportunity was reserved for today. It made me feel better. Watching this movie, you feel kind of conscious that this is not the real world but you have no reason why this can't happen in the real world and that's why it makes you feel better.

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

So smooth. Watching this movie I felt living there in communist Romania. A very expressive photography; and the movie confronts you with the dilemma of illegal abortion without giving you any unaesthetical messages.

Match Point
Match Point(2005)

A well structured and challenging movie. It makes you feel like smashing Allen's face for his cynicism though. For him incidents and coincidences are very important and life changing but not meaningful and they work for the evil if they work.

Hilary and Jackie

One of the best biopics I have seen. Full of challenging themes and it makes me wonder and envy about how dangerously attached two sisters can be.

Pan's Labyrinth

Original, smooth and touching. Reality and imagination are so neatly interwoven that you want to believe in the fairy world... otherwise justice won't be rendered.

Conversations With Other Women

"the two sides of the screen ... present alternative takes or line readings, suggesting how somebody might like to have said something juxtaposed with what actually came out -- the way that you often rehearse what you're going to say in your head, then say it, then immediately wish you could go back and say it differently." Jim Emerson

The Talented Mr. Ripley

An acceptable but not exceptional film by Minghella

The Magdalene Sisters

A must see for Islamophobics and religious freaks to see how until recently Christian institutions were committing cruelties. The horrible demon is ignorance which can be found everywhere.