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Lottery Ticket

Surprisingly good! I came in having noted the 2/10 at IMDB. So expecting it to be one of the worst movies possible might have helped me come to it with absurdly low expectations that were easily surpassed. Still, it was fun. A bit predictable, but with a nice message. It kind of felt like an old afterschool special with a bit better writing. If you've ever found yourself either with unexpected money, or finding that gone, it might have a bit of extra impact too.

Circle of Eight

Fantastic atmosphere, but it falls apart a bit in the plot and pacing. 10/10 for potential, but it just doesn't actually hit it that often. But despite the very obvious shortcomings, it just has an odd charm.

[Rec] 2
[Rec] 2(2010)

The initial science'ing up of the "zombies" in the first was welcome. Which made the abrupt turn around into heavy supernatural territory in the sequel disquieting. It's good as a standalone where you can get your suspension of disbelief set in the right direction.

I'll Believe You

In one word, 'meh'.

Yet another movie that has a great idea, good cast, but which is ruined by aiming for being overly feel good. They're just screaming "we have heart!" so strongly, and amid pratfalls and the like it just falls short.

It's played off coast am as understood by someone who's never heard it, or known the kind of crazy people it tries to portray. Or just as much someone who's never known an actual scientist.

It's cute, but forgettable. Except for being such a waste of a great cast and idea.


Surprisingly fun movie. I don't know if I'd really call it a good movie, but I enjoyed myself watching it. I watch a lot of horror movies, and it's rare to come on something that actually does something original. And this movie actually managed to take a post-apocolyptic idea and turn it into something which kept me guessing. There's not much in the way of answers as to why the world's been taken over by bugs, and I'm kind of glad for it. I can't really imagine any explanation which wouldn't come off as incredibly lame. Another plus, Ray Wise is Ray Wising around for the latter half of the movie.

The one big downside is a copout ending. Setting things up for a sequel is fine, but only if you know there's going to be one. Apparently they want to, but there's no real indication if it'll happen or not.

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

I'd head this described as shaun of the dead meets time travel. And since the release of shaun of the dead, I've also grown increasingly tired of hearing that comparison. Shaun of the dead doesn't mean british comedy with a genre element, it means that 'and' an aspect of genius. This is probably the first time that I've actually felt that description was warrented. Plus, the guy who plays roy in the it crowd somehow pulls off playing a very similar character without it being even the least bit distracting.

Day of the Dead

Fun if you're really, really, in need of a zombie movie. It's an average one, not great, not really bad. If you're not a zombie fan though, avoid it like a rage plague.

Shorts: The Adventures of the Wishing Rock

A fun kids movie that might serve as a nice introduction to non-linear storytelling. Not a huge amount here other than that. It was fun, and managed to avoid the usual trope of "lol kids are smart and adults are all idiots" that kids movies often play for a cheap win. Even if it did fall into that trap every now and again.

And it has some nice play on font naming schemes. It's an odd plus, but I'll give it.

Fast & Furious

Quite possibly the single worst movie I've ever seen. No real plot, hardly any dialog, even the sex scene was dull. Remember the pod racing from star wars episode 1? Imagine that stretched to a full length movie and the happy kid replaced with mumbling people not bothering to act.

If you want a real brainless action flick that's fun, watch crank or shoot em' up. This is just pure boredom.


It's sometimes a little hard to rate a kids movie. There's a temptation to bring adult sensibility to the table, even when we're not the intended audience. This is why I struggled between four and five stars. Some aspects of it failed for me as an adult, and I think there's some aspects there which failed for kids. In the end I padded the score to 4.5 because I felt that more appropriately matched what the intended audience would think, compared to the 4 I'd give it otherwise.

That said, for the most part I loved this movie. I was expecting to find it "kinda ok", and was pleasantly surprised. I loved the art, much of the music was fun, and there was an innocence to it that I don't usually see in animated movies. It's not stupidity, which is what the major studios usually try to put forward as innocence. Instead it's a rare back and forth between the young, the old, the very old, and the prehistoric characters in the movie. Each come to it with their own preconceptions, and a lot of the movie is coming to improve communications there. All without the usual idea of "the parents are idiots, or the kids are idiots. Someone has to be stupid."

500 Days of Summer

This movie felt very real at times. The big trouble was that it was like hanging out with 'those friends'. You know, the people you like but who have traits that make you glad you don't live with them? Both the male and female leads reminded me of people I've known, even people I've been at times. But they're also people I would have just told to shut up after listening to them for a while. Which isn't an option here. It gets better near the very end, but for the most part it was, for me, the story of two people with glaring personality flaws that began to overshadow the plot. Which could work in some movies. Not so much here, because it was obvious the movie wanted me to like them. It wanted me to root for them. But I just couldn't care.

And the times they were a 'cute couple'? Horrible, just horrible. Again, real to an extent. But it's the real that you're just embarrased to see. Especially the instances where we're supposed to say 'aawwww' when they're being obnoxious jackasses in public.

Breathing Room

Behold the personification of MEH. I didn't like it, didn't dislike it - the movie was just kinda ok. I'm usually a big fan of the 'throw people who don't know each other into a closed environment to solve a mystery' genre. It just didn't work for me here though. Quite possibly because, going by the ending, I'm not sure the writers really had an idea for the movie past that. Solving a mystery is only interesting if the payoff isn't pointless enough to taint the rest of the story.


I really had to struggle with the rating for orphan. Imagine trying to rate grindhouse if you loved planet terror but hated deathproof, or the reverse. Despite the fact that this is a single movie, I feel like I'm in that situation trying to give it a score.

The first half was a great dark comedy with an amazing performance by Isabelle Fuhman. Even if I wasn't always sure if something which wound up being amusing was strictly intended to be so. There were some very glaring flaws, such as a tendency to fall back on cliches. Early point of horror being a dream sequence, violin music signaling something scary(tm), and some other minor complaints. But for the most part I thought it was a good "creepy child" entry with far above average performances by both the adopted daughter and the youngest daughter. I thought the actor playing the brother was trying to do what he could with the role, but his character was basically written as a one note tension point.

And then there's a twist. What might in fact be the lamest twist I've ever seen in a movie. And I watch a whole lot of bad movies. The twist fits with everything revealed before, which goes against my initial perception of a tacked on bit to allow the bad seed to do what she does. It doesn't make it any less stupid though. Without giving any spoilers, the movie basically takes a story grounded in somewhat plausable reality and then just tosses in one of the more absurd pseudoscientific urban legendish twist on an actual thing that I could imagine. They offer an explanation in passing, but it stretches the already thin plausibility even more. While, at the same time, turning the movie into a substandard slasher flick.

The second part is flawed to the point where I have to wonder if I'm giving the first too much credit. Were the elements of hypocrisy in the parents actions versus the type of language they allowed actually meant to be both telling and amusing. Were the light, fun, sex scenes meant to be erotic instead of just highlighting a combination of cute marital love combined with blinding stupidity?

In the end though, whether it's a case of me reading too much complexity into something which actually lacks it, I liked the first part of the movie. Even if I'm wrong about the aspect of dark comedy, the performances of the kids were fantastic. The actress playing the adopted daughter really managed to bring things to the role which I would have considered improbable. Especially given that apparently this was her first big role. Just as impressive in its own way, the youngest daughter managed to display emotion with very little speech while still being featured very prominently. Something I've heard is a pretty rough task.

The meandering nature of this review should give evidence of how conflicted I am about the movie. There's a whole lot of bad in this movie. There are some plot points which hinge on adults making decisions I wouldn't expect kids to be naive enough to make. And kids making decisions that I wouldn't think even a chimp would try. But for all the rough edges. For all the tired tropes surrounding it. There's a core to it that I just liked. I just wish the movie hadn't tried to be clever with the twist, given how badly it failed.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

While it moved a bit slowly in the start, I padded the score a bit for the impact the termonology has had on disucssion of slasher films. While the movie holds up in terms of story, and who wouldn't love robert england

Zombies Anonymous

This felt like the final project of someone just finishing art school, who feels like they need to SAY SOMETHING IMPORTANT in an unconventional way. And it kind of works. If this movie about talking zombies trying to live a normal human life had been 30 minutes, I might have liked it. Despite the overly wooden characters and theme over substance.

But it just goes on and on. It's either over the top message, or over the top violence. And not 'fun' campy violence, but long stetches of people doing nothing but screaming in pain. As for the message, they really hit you hard with it. American society is uncomfortable with homosexuality. We get it. You don't need the giant american flags, the references to being closeted, the ended relationship when she 'changes', etc.

Using a movie as a metaphor is great. But it has to be really carefully handled. The original dawn of the dead, zombie movie with relatively subtle handling of a message. This movie, it just underestimates the audience to an almost insulting level.

What's really disappointing though is that this could, should, have been good. The idea was solid, and I felt like the actors could handle it if given more to work with. It's an interesting concept above all, and the metaphor is both significant and self apparent. In the end it just never reached that potential though.

Also, I think it's time to bury the cliched "Changes to a characters life and personality personified as they look into a shattered mirror and cut their hair." Ok, movies that aren't filled to the brim can get a pass there. But when your movie is 90% trope to begin with....

Year One
Year One(2009)

It has david cross as a biblical character, and occasionally dressed in armor. That's worth 2.5 stars. There's really not much there besides being mildly amused by a great cast in odd costumes and situations falling into some really bad writing.


It's hard to really know what rating to give pathogen. On its own, it's pretty flawed. Indeed, the commentary almost plays out like a riff track with the actors pointing out the many problems with continuity, extras, props, etc. But the reason for this is the same reason I'm giving it such a high rating. It was made by kids. And not kid in the sense of Matt and Trey when they made cannibal the musical in college, but kids in the sense of just getting into junior high.

Watching it is almost like watching someone learn to speak, or paint, or draw. Or anything which is going to eventually become second nature, and which has a strong tradition the person is unaware of. But for those first steps, the first paintings, they're unaware of it or only know about it in the pererpheral sense. In a real way those first tries are inventing the thing for the first time.

And that's what we see in pathogen. Actors in their first roles, with one notable exception. Writers and directors who are only just figuring out what works and doesn't. But learning from the experience. In the process of start to finish you can see an amazing growth in everyone involved.

Which is the other great thing about this movie - the love. The people in this movie obviously love being in it, and it's hard to not catch that feeling yourself while watching. It's totally clear that everyone is having a great time with it, and loving everything about the process. From the actor doing a little dance in the pizza line, to the hallways with a smattering of students all walking the same direction. They're all just obviously having a great time, and loving the process.

The movie itself, on its own, is actually pretty good as well. Raw, obviously. Odd for some of the problems in filming, sure. But it works. I had fun watching it, wanted to know how it would turn out, and wanted to shake my first at the character when a reveal near the end came up.

Also, watch the movie with commentary. You really don't get the full experience until you'e actually heard the experience of everyone involved. The cast watching the movie and talking about it really is as much a part of the movie as the actual plot itself.


I had to really struggle with the rating. I thought it started great, fell a bit, rose, fell, and continued on that trend until leveling out at great. Before getting somewhat flat again at the end.

As others have said, this isn't really a movie which can be easily reviewed without spoilers. The main thing is that if you're expecting a traditional zombie movie, don't. We see perhaps three or four in the entire movie, and usually only for a few seconds. There's only a few scenes with gore, and the "zombies" aren't really the true horror.

The actual antagonist is language. In part what it means to be a species able to communicate with words. In part the nature of our use of preprogrammed plattitudes instead of actual exchange of meaning. But also just the nature of what a word even is. The concept of a memetic agent able to change and evolve as word and language.

If you've read snowcrash, expect a few similar themes. In fact you can even see a copy of snowcrash in the background a few times. But all in all, while some elements are shared pontypool is its own movie. And one which I think is going to be heavily a love it or hate it film.

Let the Right One In

First, watch out for the english translation. For some reason they often went with either a strange transliteration or other times a far too strict almost computer generated one. But even with that, I thought this was a beautiful movie. The vampire genre has been spoiled in a lot of ways by a romantic outlook. Walking corpses aren't sexy, and neither is murder no matter how it's dressed up. Someone lusting after your blood isn't pretty, it's not romantic in the way twilight shows it. Someone you like wanting to eat you, knowing they're capable of murder, is messed up. And even one killing is a horror.

And that's one of the reasons this movie worked for me. The deaths have meaning. Even when it's people I didn't like, seeing their lives snuffed out was horrifying in the truest use of the term. I felt horror and revulsion watching the nature of the vampire, and the humans she surrounds herself with. This, despite or because of the fact that it's also very light on the gore.

Reading the book afterward is well worth it too. The movie doesn't really leave too many open plot points, but the book fills the few remaining questions in.

Blood: The Last Vampire

Surprisingly good. It felt like they were a bit constrained by both running time and budget. But it still came together remarkably well for a live action adaptation.

S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale

HUGE disappointment. Came in not expecting much, got even less.


While not a bad movie, I came in expecting a wacky adventure like superbad. While there were funny moments here, for the most part it's a slice of life movie with humorous elements rather than outright jokes. And while that can be funny, it's a very different type of humor. A bit like expecting chocolate and getting vanilla. Good tastes, but offsetting when you're not prepared for the difference.

Mulberry Street

It had potential, but it just never reached it. Shaky cam, and not enough actual shots of the monsters pretty much ruined the suspension of disbelief for me. It was just too apparent they didn't have the cash to realize it.

Sex Drive
Sex Drive(2008)

Teen sex romp, totally average. Not good, not bad, it just is what it is.

Pineapple Express

I was expecting a bland stoner comedy, and what I saw was an awesome stoner comedy with a lot of heart.

Apocalypse and the Beauty Queen

Some of the acting was a bit dry, but it was still an imaginative story.

Dance of the Dead

In a year that's had a glut of zombie movies, this is one of the few that's left a lasting impression on me. A couple things were predictable, but so many more were not. And for a lower budget zombie movie, that's amazing. Even more, they cast teenage actors to play the teenagers! When does that happen? Better, this actually manages to mix comedy in without making it a comedy. Tragic death without moving away from the comedic bits. I feel like a shill for this movie, but it seriously is one of the best zombie movies I've seen in ages.

Henry Poole Is Here

Good acting, horrible script. It goes downhill about 30 minutes in, after a character mentions that all ahteists are mean. After that it just turns into a long, drawn out, play about a world where magic is real and the idiotic main character can't see it. I would have hoped that Christians, especially, would have been annoyed at the whole miracle angle. Given that they're all pretty much placebo or deliberate hoaxes that reflect horribly on the faith of people associated with them. Instead, it seems to be the exact opposite.

The Haunting of Marsten Manor

Surprisingly good for the budget. The ending was a bit of a disappointment for me. And the last few minutes were horrible, as they explained everything for people who didn't get the very obvious events.

Walk all Over Me

I'm seeing a slight gender trend on this one. It seemed like a comedy coming in, but don't be fooled, it's a romcom. Expect the typical pattern: "HAHA! She's funny because she drops things, and is a bit insecure! I bet that new dress will make her life better! Now she just needs a man in her life. Oh no girl, watch out for well meaning sassy old woman coworker, and hidden secrets in your new boyfriend!" If you like the formula, I think the movie might have something to offer. It's slightly quirkier than the usual romcom. But it's still a romcom.

The Nines
The Nines(2007)

I'd heard that this movie had been a bit overhyped, but I have to say that it more than lived up to it for me. Not quite up to the level of a Lynch film, but as close as I've ever seen from another person.

What Would Jesus Buy?

I expected Christians whining about Christmas becoming too secular, but found something far better. Despite the sweat shop arguments being a little over simplified (Take the sweatshops away, but not putting in plans for actually helping the now out of work families), it was a movie whose message came out pretty well. Don't buy things you don't need, be aware of where they're coming from and what effects they're having on you and your family. That's it, not stop buying things, just take a moment of reflection and make the decision while awake and alert to reality.


Surprisingly touching. Wasn't expecting much, but came out moved.

Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

A shockingly good example of the Japanese giant monster. Even better, it answers a question that I thought the moment I first saw Gamera on MST3K....why aren't these kids glaring rage at the giant turtle destroying their town.

The Wizard
The Wizard(1989)

5/5 for being like a time capsule to being a kid in the 80s. Imagine being so taken in by nintendo that you'd beg your parents to let you watch an hour and a half commercial just for the chance of seeing a new mario game. Otherwise, a pretty bad movie.

Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!

My love of low, to no, budget movies might be showing here. Everyone I know has hated it, for either being low brow or low production value. But, somehow, watching this I can only see gold. It starts out a bit slow, but by the time Mulva's flashback explains her crippling addiction to candy, I was hooked.


While the implementation was often flawed, the movie had a surprising amount of original ideas. Prob. rating it a bit too high as a result of being impressed by that, but oh well.

Undead or Alive

Brian Posehn zombie, Chris Kattan fighting zombies, and arguments about the difficulty of inventing the wheel. That's about all that needs to be said in order to justify why this movie is awesome.

Batman & Robin

I always assumed this was unfairly rated simply due to the departure in theme. However, finally watching it....this movie was disappointing simply for being a bad movie. The occasionally surreal sets saved it from being downright painful to watch, as was the occasional reference to storylines done better in the cartoon. But it was still pretty painful.


It was an interesting idea that wound up just pushing how much a single concept could hold up a movie. The absolute best way to watch the movie though, is to see the horrible asylum ripoff "monster" first. There's a certain sick fun in seeing which second or two of the movie wound up as fifteen minutes in monster.

Wild Zero
Wild Zero(2000)

One of the most wild, and strange zombie movies of all time. And given that the genre is based on the idea of walking corpses, that's saying a lot.


A nice take on the zombie movie, with a Japanese slant. Combining humor and horror to spotlight the culture's odd fixation with schoolgirls.

Tky zonbi (Tokyo Zombie)

A fun comedic take on the zombie genre. In large part it's a vehicle fo the interaction of the protagonists. But the world built around it has a strange beauty at times. In particular the giant black mountain of garbage which gives birth to the zombies.

Babe: Pig in the City

The title is something I'd made fun of for years. Only to watch, on yet another recommendation, and find it something other than the "yet another needless sequel + braindead kid movie" I'd assumed it. Instead it's an often somewhat dark, beautifully surreal, and even occasionally orwellian take on modern society. A brilliant movie, made even more so by the fact that this somehow was snuck under the radar into theaters.


It's no dogville, but, then again, what is? Much like dogville though, the movie gets a lot of points for leading me to think that something was wrong in the direction, plot, acting, etc, and then showing that it was put there intentionally. There's few things more pleasant when watching a film than spotting a plot inconsistency and then having the director leap out and explain the jape. Also, it gets a half star for using the word jape.


It's not an easy movie to say much about. Far too much of it was so beautiful partially for being so unexpected. This movie is probably one of the single best I've ever seen in manipulating my emotions. From high, to low. From celebrating forgiveness to crying for the blood of children. Here's hoping the last part of the trilogy actually makes it to the screen.

The Sasquatch Gang

I liked the original title,"Sasquatch Dumpling Gang" better as a play on the old movie. That aside, I thought this was a quirky, charming, semi-coming of age movie.

King of California

Annoyingly self conscious of being a "wacky indi" film at times, it still manages to have enough heart to make me feel like watching it wasn't a waste of time. The acting is great from start to finish, but the characters themselves were often hard to feel much for. And the humor was forced on far too many occasions. You know that "indi movie laughtrack pause"? The one where something semi-subtle occurs, and the camera just hangs on it to give a presumed dullard audience a chance to get the joke? That happens, a lot, and it really got on my nerves after a while. It might work when the humor really is subtle, but it's not often the case with the humor here. Instead I just got the impression of people with an overblown sense of how sophisticated their own sense of humor is in relation to the rest of the world.

Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Being a child is loving pee-wee. Being an angsty teen is dismissing pee-wee. Being an adult is realizing, "holy shit! Pee-wee did post-post-modernism/new sincerity way before it was a glimmer in anyone elses eye". A brilliant movie, made even more so after listening to the commentary. Celebration of things that are awesome is central here. It's not in a tongue in cheek ironic way, Rubin really did think his bike was awesome and wanted to write a story about an awesome bike. Burton really does think giant statues of dinosaurs are among the coolest things one could ever see. The movie has a level of appreciation for genuine absurdity that a million other films try to ape, with cold dead eyes that give away the lack of any real understanding. Also, it shows that clowns are scary. So it has a good message for the kids.

Phone (Pon)
Phone (Pon)(2002)

It doesn't add a huge amount to the genre. But, on the other hand, the little girl is good. I mean, she's amazingly good. Usually child actors wind up shielded from the process, filmed away from the plot for scenes at all out of character for a normal person of their age, and generally pushed and prodded away from actual acting. She really shines here though, creepy as hell and making the movie.


One of the best movies ever made. A gem that actually lives up to its reputation, and then provides even more. What's just as interesting as the plot though, is how neutered the American release was. Watch the original, then watch the American release, if you want to grasp just how strongly american distributors are still looking down on the population at large. Bad for most movies, but for one as beautiful as this it's a bit like slapping a new layer of paint over the mona lisa due to worries over american audiences desire to look at a woman who's not wearing a bikini and fighting alongside Will Smith.


Surprisingly good, and not at all the stoner comedy I'd assumed it to be. Instead it's a dark comedy which actually manages some surprising and original laughs. It's a bit slow on occasion, but otherwise a solid movie.

Electric Dragon 80.000 V

The story makes little sense, it's not supposed to. The dialog is sparse, to say the least. But it has style. It has more style than any movie has a right to. People will walk into your house, and be confused as to what's dripping out of your tv. "That, my friend, is purified style" you'll reply.

Wristcutters: A Love Story

I hate romcoms. Usually neither funny nor romantic. This one certainly skimps a bit at the latter, but actually manages to be a quite enjoyable dark comedy. Certainly the only one I've ever seen where I sit waiting to laugh at the next suicide. I'ts a new take on a subject, and that alone earns it a good deal of brownie points.

No Country for Old Men

It's a good movie. I'd even say a very good movie. But one, sadly, which a mountain of hype dulled the edge of. From what I've heard, this should have been the second coming of cinema. Instead it's a entertaining movie which manages to avoid a lot of the cliches which make me roll my eyes during action movies. It's a great movie, just not as great as a lot of the word of mouth led me to believe.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

Not as bad as "I am omega", but pretty sad that I had to even give a moments thought comparing it to an asylum film. I was really hoping this would be the most faithful to the book, but it wound up being the least. And, as usual, it was to the detriment of the movie. How many times is this story going to be retold by people who don't understand why the first is still the best. The absolute worst part? Remember the title, also the end of the book? That entire plot element it refers to was removed!

Freak Out (Mesuvag Harig)

I remember waiting, and waiting, for this movie to see the light of day. Then, it came out without any buzz at all. It's one of the stranger comedies out there. The start is a bit slow, but by mid movie the insanity begins to move into the boiling point and the thing just erupts with awesome.

The Golden Compass

If you haven't read the books, go read them. They're short, and they're awesome. Then see the movie, and have an already excellent movie become something really special. I'm going to be really disapointed if this doesn't wind up showcasing the full trilogy, but I'll still be happy that they managed to get this to the screen in as pristine state as they did.

My wife, also a big fan of the books, actually works in a catholic office. They're not at all happy about this movie, and it made the event even more fun.

Into the Wild

I'm not usually a huge fan of the man communes with nature genre. For the most part they're written for people who've never really experienced real pain, death, and the general realization that nature as a whole is either indifferent to individual humans or wants us dead. This actually rang true in a lot of ways, even if there were the occasional film moments where something that should be gory winds up a bit plastic in the recreation. Minor gripes like that aside, it was a wonderfully touching piece.

The Ten
The Ten(2007)

Easily one of the best comedies that I've seen in a long time. Anyone from the state can usually be counted on to brighten up a movie, and it's always best when Wain is at the helm. Which is why, of course, it never got more than a limited release.

The Host
The Host(2007)

A refreshing reminder that I actually can still enjoy, still revel, in a monster movie. Everything that I've come to hate in the typical american monster movie is turned on its head here. All with absolutely beautiful scenery and characters I really worried about. And, shockingly, there's a hollywood remake in the works. Because, you know, reading subtitles is hard. And watching a beautifully scripted, wonderfully performed, movie is nearly impossible when there's a glaring lack of western blockbuster stars shouting catchphrases.

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

I seem to be in the minority, but this movie seemed made of fail. It was cliche after cliche, boring monster after boring monster, and deaths of people who might as well have been extras for all I cared about them. The entire thing just seemed like a parody of Stephen Kind, a bit along the line of "It's a lamp...but EVIL!"

Eagle vs Shark

I normally hate romcoms with every fiber of my being. This one somehow manages to get past that bias. Possibly simply for the fact that it's a good movie. Just as much, it might be the fact that the male lead is so unlikable. I kept waiting for some amazingly sympathetic moment, but he's really just awesomely unawesome.


5/5 as an event when seen in 3D. It's fantastic as a two hour tech demo. And I am the sort who has sat happily through officialy labeled tech demos. As a movie, it's pretty 'meh'. Not really bad, not really good, but just enough in the good category to act as nice background movie to the 3D. The sad thing is, this could have been one of the greatest movies in years. I mean it's 'beowulf'' for god's sake. It's stood the test of time! But there's just enough flaws to drag it down to the point where I couldn't really find myself caring too much what happened to anyone. Well, I did rather like Grendal.

From Dusk Till Dawn

I don't know how I waited so long to see this. The genre turned me off I suppose. However, it's everything one would expect from the people behind grindhouse.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

I'd only seen the phantom edit that was spreading on the web a couple internets back. I didn't think it was that bad, and pretty much just assumed the criticism had more to do with too high expectations on the side of fans. Having just sat down to watch the full It's quite literally the most average science fiction movie I've ever seen. It's not bad, it's not good, even though it has moments of both. It just wallows in a state of midlingness. To the point where I literally fell assleap during the podracing scene. And this is 'with' rifftrax commentary. And what did they do to poor Portman to get that total void of acting?

Wet Hot American Summer

Even if it's not quite stella the movie, the humor in here is often exactly their style. It's like the bridge between the humor of the state, and the actual series stella. Not for everyone, but for fans of stella, or the state, or even jews who were forced into a jewish summer camp, it should be one of the funniest comedies of the late 90s you've ever seen.


With Mke Nelson's rifftrack, this movie is awesome. It just keeps setting itself up with horrible cliches, one after another. From the "Do you want to hear my poetry" moment, to the male lead who maintains the exact amount of stuble day after day. Also amusing for being an epic Mary Sue story of adoration from Britney, to Britney. However, bad, bad, bad, movie when removed from moments of easy mockery.

Troll 2
Troll 2(1990)

I can see I'm not the first to struggle with giving this a 0.5 or 5.0. It's bad, one of the worst movies to come out of the worst decade for horror movies. But it's also plan 9 from outer space level bad. Well, plan 9 if it were mixed with an 80s theme. Somehow, it all comes together to be a laugh riot. Come on, 80s music dancing, garfield astrology shirts, a kid pissing on a cake under orders from the disemodied head of his dead grandfather? That's some really good badness there.

That said, the track from rifftrax improves the quality of the movie a million times over. I suspect I'd have liked it as much without the mst3k treatment, but I'm not 100% sure.

Battlefield Earth

I had a hard time deciding how to rate this. On one hand, I loved watching it. But that's only because I had a rifftrack from the mst3k guys playing along with it. The movie itself is absolute, complete, crap. Bad acting, bad and often pandering directing, horrible story, terrible scripting. The movie is amazing simply for getting very nearly everything wrong that it possibly could. Some of the special effects were passable, but that was about it.

The Darjeeling Limited

Not the best Anderson film, but still impressive. A couple nice unexpected cameos, contexual dharmic undercurrent, and Owen Wilson Owen Wilson'ing around.

Blood Car
Blood Car(2007)

An unexpected comedic gem. I was expecting a bad horror/gore film, and instead was treated to a blood filled romp of comedic absurdity. It's weird, made on the cheap, and brilliant.

30 Days of Night

Tedious. I just didn't care if any of the characters lived or died.


The awesomeness of their work, in general, seems to be in inverse proportion to how much money they have. Not as good as canibal, better than baseketball, but still awesome in any case.


The least of their movies, but still pretty awesome if you come to it in the right frame of mind. I don't know if I'd rate it nearly as high if I hadn't seen canibal: The Musical and Orgazmo, but I have, so eh.

Undercover Brother

Funny concept, amazingly predictable plot and jokes. Which leaves only the characters, none of which seemed real enough to be interesting.

In the Valley of Elah

Depressing, but surprisingly enjoyable movie. The two hour run time drags on occasion, but rather sparingly few and far between.

La Revanche des mortes vivantes (The Revenge of the Living Dead Girls)

Horrible. What is it with France and terrible movies about zombies or ghosts. Tremble as a town faces 'three' zombies, each with almost the strength of a teenage girl!


Another movie where hipster film makers pat themselves on the back for picking up a few chemical names. Then use their ten minutes of study to back up their love note to ignorance. The movie burns a strawman that no scientist has ever put forward. The acting is pretty good, the science is horrible, and every bit of the plot which touches on it winds up tarnished as a result. I'm not normally one of those people who complains about bad science in movies, but when it comes with the potential freedom to actually do it right which an indi label brings, and when the plot is actually largely dependant on that bad science, it really brings down the whole movie.

Dark Water
Dark Water(2002)

This should have been 5/5 but the epilouge dampened the mood a bit, if you'll excuse the pun. This is one of the most emotion filled movies I've ever seen. The tone, the atmosphere, and the yearning of all the characters infuses everything. The real character development in here reminds me why I tend to enjoy horror movies from Japan much more than any other country.

Smiley Face
Smiley Face(2007)

The first really good stoner comedy in ages. The original harold and kumar is the last I can think of that hit on as many levels. The first half is easily the best, but it's not really too far downhill for the rest.

Earth vs. the Spider

Bad movie, but I love the thing. In particular how there's 'always' a reason to head back in the direction of the spider. Much better if you can catch it on MST3K though.

Eight Legged Freaks

Somewhat enjoyable, in a b-movie way. Much, much, better if you've seen a lot of the 50s giant animal movies. Even more if both 'earth vs the spider' and 'earth vs. soup' ring a bell.

Cromartie High: The Movie (Sakigake!! Kuromati Kk: The Movie)

It helps, a lot, to be familiar with the source story. As much as I usually think a movie should be judged on its own merit, I'm going to cut this one some slack just for managing to accomplish such a difficult translation. I never would have thought a comedy about punk high schoolers, kung-fu, aliens, apes, and gangster robots could be done on almost no budget...but it works.

The Living Dead Girl (La Morte vivante)

For some reason, I just never seem to be able to get into anything involving the supernatural if it comes from france. Good concept, but I just couldn't find myself actually caring about anyone involved.

Jigoku no banken: akai megane (The Red Spectacles)

One of my all time favorite movies. Think the surreal oddness of David Lynch, the random humor of an adult swim show, a brilliant soundtrack, and mix in Japanese culture.

No End in Sight

A moving, depressing, summery of the iraq war. How it was managed and more often mismanaged. It's amazing just how much I'd seen, and forgotten about as time went on. This is a refresher course that most people won't want to go through, but everyone should.

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me

If you came to twin peaks late, as I and I'd assume any other person watching this movie for the first time would be, it's not so much a disapointment to not find the movie as a season 3. If one lets the movie stand on its own without forced expectations of resolving the series, it's fantastic. Not the best work of Lynch, but average Lynch beats the best of most others. A fair amount is resolved, even if not on first viewing.

And Cooper, well we do get a bit of resolution there, even if it's not the simple happy ending a lot of us might wish for, deep down.


Pretty bad. You know you're in trouble when Uwe shows up for a cameo. Think "Die Zombie Scum", but with 99% of the jokes missing target. Not worth paying for, might be worth it if you're bored and someone throws it on. Still, it's not "house of the dead", and that counts for something.

Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka)

The movie I will always keep with me for how moving and depressing it was, and which, for the same reason, I will never watch again.

This movie tastes like all the flavors of tragic.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Watch this one, then the original. Then pretend that was all that's ever been filmed.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I fought getting sucked in by pottermania for years. I gave up, this kids series rocks.

Cannibal! The Musical (Alferd Packer: The Musical)

Everyone has a movie they love, not like but love, which they know to be wrong. Canibal: The Musical, is mine.


Jesus Christ Superstar

Awesome in every way, including camp. I'm a sucker for both rock operas, and anything which looks at Jesus as a human with all the humor that entails.

For added value, insert the Japanese soundtrack as a dub.

House of the Dead 2

Pretty average zombie movie, made to seem only somewhat more only for being the sequel to what I consider the worst movie ever made. Plus, there's even a little jab at the director of the first movie. Any movie that's willing to complain about Uwe is OK in my book.

House of the Dead

The single worst zombie movie, the single worst movie in any genre, that I've ever seen. I've sat through zombie movies that couldn't have cost more than $10 to make with a grin on my face and allowences for the limitations they suffered under. But this, this isn't campy B movie's just bad. Half star only for the fact that Clint Howard is in it. The sequel's actually not too bad though. Hmmmm, wonder what staff change made that happen....

Resident Evil: Extinction

Four stars for a popcorn action/zombie flick, not four stars in competition with most of my ratings. It could have used quite a bit more polish, but the detail of the world, and vegas in particular, was just too good. And the nod to "Bub" was just too good to not bump this movie up a rank or two.

Zombie fan, might want to see it. Fake-fu lovin' zombie fan, almost certainly you should give it a chance.

The Real Dirt on Farmer John

Really nice production. A look into the life of a man with modern views, who lived and loved a time and place not very sympathetic to them. The strength lies in its refusal to make a solid "us Vs. them" story, and instead show the progression history and an individuals life with all the real shades of grey they have.

A Tale of Two Sisters

Remember suspense, movies which presented stunning visuals and let you get your own subjective interpretation instead of being told what to think of it? Both are becoming lost arts, at least in 'blockbuster' films, and this movie showcases why that's such a tragedy.

Speaking of tragedy, I see this is up for the latest in the line of american remakes. Somewhat pointless in this case, as often it seems to be, given that there's really not much to improve on and a million and one ways to screw it up. I suppose I should be happy for the chance of doing it right and giving a wider audience to the story, but it seems more probable that the remake will wind up scaring people away instead. I suppose I'll just wait and see.

My Best Friend

Quite good. It's more of a warm situational comedy than a laugh fest, but those certainnly have their place. My largest complaint is that the subtitles for the English release were a bit haphazard. A tinted white, or light yellow should have been used instead of pure white, as it wa fairly common for them to fade into white tablecloths or other items in scenes.

The Brave One

Surprisingly good, though I was a bit disapointed that they never really brought up more of the dangerous aspects of vigilantisum, in particular the prospect for mistaken identity causing the death of an innocent person. Everyone Foster kills is evil, she just winds up in a million and one situations where she can be 100% sure of killing someone that, arguably, deserves it. It's a good revenge movie, if no 'old boy'. But it had the potential to be a lot more. Bonus points to Foster for having a great demeeaner at times of the old npr parody that saturday night used to do. The biggest flaw is that there seems to be an idea that her character is the only one to own one of these new fangled "gun" things, in New York.


Old school slasher fun. It's really hard to make one that's enjoyable these days. Everything that can be done has been. The only way to do it is make the journey enjoyable, and this actually manages it. The start is a bit slow, but once the characters start to get their patter down, the quality shoots up.


Here's some damning praise, it's the best Uwe Boll movie I've ever seen. Watching in a tiny window while doing tedius code edits, it's tolerable. I can't even imagine the torture of having this be the only thing to occupy one's attention though. He does vampire movies better than he does zombie movies, but, again, keep in mind that he's made the single worst zombie movie in a genre already filled with "me too!' b-movies. I hve a soft spot for the guy though. He's almost developed an Ed Wood'ish quality about himself.

Koroshiya 1 (Ichi the Killer)

There is nothing, nothing, like this movie out there. Whether that's a good or bad thing is going to come down very heavily to individual taste. I don't think I could ever predict whether someone would like this based on any personality trait or interest in subject matter.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

If I ever had any doubt that Lynch was awesome, not just awesome when dealing with 'weird' subject matter, this dispelled it. Absolute, perfect movie.

Death at a Funeral

Entertaining. It's not great, but it is quite good. Certainly better than most of the major 'blockbusters' playing at the moment though.

Die You Zombie Bastards

Red necks, zombies, over the top hero and villian. The movie shines in particular because of the main actors portrayal of a balding serial killer with a heart of gold, who takes his wife out for a charming picknick with a severed head for the main dish. My description, any description, doesn't do it justice.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The snozberries taste like real snozberries in this movie! I DARE you to say that about any other without catching flaming pants.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

While not as good as the original in many ways, this one was vastly underated for the most part. Both movies lived or died by their wonka, and the second incarnation's was odd indeed. worked for me.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

It's sad this movie didn't get more attention. It was a fairly faithful adaptation of a couple of great kids books. More, it's a movie both kids and adults can enjoy equally....not a lot of movies out there which can lay honest claim to that.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

I'm semi-humilatied to say I really like this movie. But, I do. So there.

Zombie Honeymoon

Fantastic concept for a zombie movie. Just how much of a person needs to still be there before you abandon them for the monster they've become? It's a great premise, but that's let down a bit in the actual implementation. Far too much silence, and this really cut of used some more cuts made to it. I'm adding this to my 'see this if you like zombie movies, otherwise don't bother' category.

Dead Meat
Dead Meat(2004)

Somewhat unremarkable, if still enjoyable, zombie movie. Fun if one is specifically a fan of zombies, probably a bit of a snooze otherwise.

Bride of Chucky

Fairly average horror, with occasional bits of brilliance in the confrontation of 80s and naughts horror cliche.

Satan's Little Helper

Low budget horror/comedy at its best. The kid, dougie, raises the stupid meter so high that the movie breaks suspension of disbelief every now and again. But, that aside, this movie is a hidden gem in indie horror.


The show that would have been the next Mr.Show. But it never got picked up.

Hot Rod
Hot Rod(2007)

Once again I find myself confused as to why they couldn't get awesome town picked up.

Murder Party
Murder Party(2007)

I don't know if it was by fluke, or design, but this movie somehow won on almost every level of horror/comedy. The main character, in particular, often stole the show for how normal he was in the midst of his would-be hipster murderers. It's a travesty that Chris Sharp isn't even listed as an actor on flixster at the moment.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

A bit dated, but great if one can get past that.

Koi... Mil Gaya (I Found Someone)

Unintentionally hilarious. If I ever encounter an alien, as a result of this movie, I intend to lure it onto my side via odd singing and use it to cheat in basketball matches against people using broken, sterotypical, english.

The Turkish Star Wars

High rating due to unintentional humor, not quality of the movie. "Special effects" being some dude standing in front of a tv playing star wars, for the win!

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Meh. I loved the nod to battle royale, and Rollins, but otherwise it was pretty standard fare. It's worth watching if you feel like turning your brain off for a bit and munching popcorn. It's at least nothing to drive you out of the theater. It's not that great either though....think the average sci-fi channel movie fare. But, you know, with Rollins and a Battle Royale shirt.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

Vastly underated, even if not nearly as mindblowing as I'd hoped.

The Zombie Diaries

I think reviews have been a lot harsher than this movie deserves. This actually has some clever moments, even if a couple of the actors are basically in "I'm going to say my lines, not emote them" mode. I've seen worse zombie movies, to be sure. Sega rave, anyone? But field zombie was easily the best of them.

The Hills Have Eyes 2

It works as background noise, I can at least give it that.


I think this movie doesn't get nearly enough credit. I came in expecting something terrible, and wound up watching a movie I'd put right up there with ringu itself. It's not the same kind of movie, but it's just as good. Think snowcrash with ghosts.

The Fifth Element

There's just something beautiful and odd about this movie which removes it from the typical sci-fi flick.

High Strung
High Strung(1991)

How can this not be on dvd? One of the best, and most unique, movies out there.

The Thirteenth Floor

I loved this, but then again I'm a computer scientist who works with AI and computer simulations of environments. So this movie is kind of a big fan letter from it to me.


I thought the original was rather dull, but actually enjoyed this one. I like my slasher films with a lot of backstory and character development, and this is one of the rare ones which aspires to it.

Twelve and Holding

Surprisingly good. I think this is among the few movies I've seen which did a good job of treating kids like actual kids, and not as if they were mentally disabled. How they dealt with death, in particular, I thought was excellent. I had some deaths in my family at a slightly earlier age than the protagonists, but their reaction was far more true to form than most I've seen in movies.


They actually managed to take what's now a very old story into a semi-new direction while staying true to the source material. I didn't think it was 'great', but, then again, I'm rather older than the target age group as well.


I'd thought the teen sexplotation comedy dead before now. Every dick joke used, every situation shown. They did it though, new, different, awesome. One of the best teen romp movies, ever.


Shockingly good, overall, I'm not normally a fan of the genre, but this was oddly fascinating.

Mulholland Drive

If not for inland empire, I'd rank this as the single best movie I've ever seen. A movie that not only lends itself to repeat viewings, but demands it.

Inland Empire

The rabbit room....oh dear lord....the rabbit room.

This is the most lynch of the lynch. I'd actually rank this as one of the best events in the long history of man's manipulation of light and shadow to give vision of his visions.


Not great. I expect I'll have forgotten most of it in six months. But, far, far, better than most this summer. This one I'd actually rank as being a good movie instead of a "good popcorn movie".

The Invasion
The Invasion(2007)

I think the million and one remakes of invasion of the body snatchers are often more interesting for what they tell us of the times they were made in. And, I hate to say it, this version doesn't speak well of us. The original was really good, the first remake (with nemoy) was great. The two after that have just been depressing in terms of lack of writing and "soul" compared to the first two. Especially given that removal of soul is much of the point of the movie in the first place.

"The invasion", it's 'meh'. Not good, not bad, it's a hollywood chase movie based on the body snatchers premise.

House of Flying Daggers

This rates a bit lower only in comparison to hero. If I hadn't seen that first, flying daggers would be rated higher. However, something just seemed lacking here in comparison. I think too often it came down to understanding 'what' the characters were, but not 'who' they were.

Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (Plane Dead)

Another in the "it is what it says" line of horror movies. Yep, zombies on a plane. Despite lack of funding, I'd actually rate this somewhat close to snakes on a plane in terms of stupid laughs at an absurd situation.

Flesh Eating Mothers

It's a fun little movie, as long as you don't come into it expecting much. You're going to get canabalistic, sterotypical, mothers, eating human flesh. I'll give it this, it delivers on that count. Acting, plot, all the rest are classic 80s campy no-budget horror. If you speak german, be sure to check out the horrible dub. They mangle both voice and script, which somehow fits.

House of 9
House of 9(2005)

Amazing in how average it is. It's not bad, it's not good, it just is. Save it for when you're bored and don't want to waste a good movie on the mood.

Rubin and Ed
Rubin and Ed(1991)

Another where I really can't say why I liked it so much, but I did. It's especially good if your cat can eat a whole watermellon.


I really don't know why I liked this movie so much. Perhaps it's just that horror comedy is so lacking in Japanese live action. It's just so delightfully odd!

Blood Moon
Blood Moon(2001)

Surprisingly good. Tim Curry, he goes without saying. And the basic premise of society becoming increasingly intolerant of diversity as projection of their own self-loathing was fairly well done. A bit heavy handed at times, but still enjoyable.

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

One of the best movies ever made, and a wonder it ended up on the screen at all.

Final Fantasy - Unlimited (TV SHOW)

This is the he-man or thundercats of the final fantasy world. As final fantasy, bad, as that, good.

Cube 2 - Hypercube

Nowhere near as good as the first, but I thought it was still enjoyable. And I'm always happy to see the concept of higher spacial dimensions explored in a movie.

Cube Zero
Cube Zero(2004)

In interesting look into the world of cube. I'm not really sure what I think of it in relation to the other two, but a must see if either of them were enjoyed.


Camp classic fantasy at its best.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Amazing in how average it is. This is like a remake of "bland: the motion picture". It's not bad, it's not good.

V for Vendetta

One of my all time favorite movies.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Little in the way of plot, but the animation has to be seen.

License to Drive

Amusing in the 80s. I doubt it would goover well to someone who did not suffer through that horrible decade.

Saw III(2006)

Huge disappointment compared to the ones before it. The first two were psychology, this is just a snuff film.

The Goonies
The Goonies(1985)

Fuckin' goonies! :)

Dead and Breakfast

While flawed in some ways, this is one of the most unique zombie movies out there. Even if it stretches the terms zombie a bit.

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

Kids in the hall version of harry potter is the only thing which saves this movie from being 0/5. Look it up on youtube and then stay far away from this movie.


Hasn't aged well, but that's not always a bad thing. What it loses there, it makes up for in unintentional humor.

Dawn of the Dead

One of the all time best zombie movies.

Ringu 0 (Ringu 0: Bsudei)


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Christian propaganda, yes. Fun as hell, yes!

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Funny, but didn't age as well as some other Brooks movies.


Odd at the time of release, brilliant in this one.

Bubba Ho-Tep
Bubba Ho-Tep(2003)

Beauty of this immensity can not be described.

The Neverending Story

Childhood classic that stands the test of time. Avoid the sequels at all costs though!

Dawn of the Dead

Different doesn't really mean better, or worse, when it comes to trying this very different take on dawn of the dead. Zombies + mall. It's all you need really.

The Evil Dead

Doesn't quite live up to the reimagining of the sequel, but still awesome. Even more so in french.

The Grudge
The Grudge(2004)

While not amazing, it's worth it for anyone freaked out by long haired japanese ghost kids. Or cats. Or the ever oddly disturbing Geller.

Shaun of the Dead

Anyone who doesn't drop everything at the opportunity to watch a zombie/comedy/romance has had their brain eaten. Also, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright! zomg!

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, nuff said.

The Ring Two
The Ring Two(2005)

Nowhere near as good as the original, either American or Japanese.

Pan's Labyrinth

Beautiful. Initial disappointment in the underrepresentation of the fantasy setting hyped by the commercials quickly changed to love of the mixture it presented alongside the wonderful modern period.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

Surprisingly funny.

Strangers with Candy

I really wanted to rate this higher. The show was amazing, the movie not so much. But it carried enough of that over to rise above what was actually there.

Blazing Saddles

You don't understand the past hundred years of american history if you've not seen this. I'm serious. Rated a bit lower than it perhaps should due to some of the jokes having become stale through over use. That speaks well to the movie, but it can be a bit rough to come to a joke already knowing the punchline.

Weekend at Bernie's II

Rating this is a trick question. There is no rating. Bernie is a synonym for 5/5 stars. ALWAYS.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

A bit flawed at times in interpreting a longer work of print, but all in all, well done.

Young Frankenstein

Good to the point of, after a million viewings, still not invoking a channel change if it shows up on tv.


One of the best movies ever made. Beautifully faithful to the explotation genre.


I rated this up a bit higher than it probably deserved based on a childhood love of the transformers, and an enduring love for all things AI or robotic. It starts off a bit slow, basically a full half hour of so-so sitcom with about a minute of giant robot. Because, you know, we all 'loved' the lame human characters in transformers. But, on the other hand, I suppose that keeping that semi-annoyence in did move a lot of the feel into the movie. In any case, once the sitcom is over, it progresses well into giant robots blowing shit up. Very low on plot, some generic racial and movie cliche or sterotype, but all in all it's far better than I'd been expecting. The great design of the robots makes up for any of the movies failings. Even more so that they often move like robots, something usually missing in movies.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

I can't explain why this movie is as funny as it is. In fact, I feel sympathy for people who hate it for that exact reason. But, even if I can't explain the reason why, this is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen.

I Heart Huckabees

There's a couple good moments, but for the most part this is like watching "the secret", but without the opportunity to laugh at the fact that people actually believe it. Often billed as intellectual, this movie is the exact opposite. It's that well meaning kid in high school who picked up a single book which made a few refrences to a philosopher, who now thinks he's the equal to Nitsche. It can be cute at times, but the inevitable accusation that you're not intelligent enough to grasp his crib-note philosophy gets tiresome.

Weekend at Bernie's

You know how sometimes everything seems good in a movie, but you just can't get into it? It's because it's not weekend at bernies. This film came close to making all other, non corpse humor related, films obsolete.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

Awesome if you're a fan, otherwise, probably not so much.

Black Sheep
Black Sheep(2006)

Awesome, for what it is. If you grew up with, and loved, b-horror from the 80s you should enjoy this. It's campy, it's fun, it has weresheep, I don't know if I'd call it a good movie, in fact I probably wouldn't. But in some, rare, circumstances a movie doesn't have to be good to be enjoyable.


It's hard to do a horror movie these days, there's not much which hasn't been done. And a lot in this movie has been. However, it usually works. Which, for a Stephen King based movie, is almost scary itself given the trackrecord of flops he's had.

Battle Royale

One of the single greatest movies I've ever seen. I put it off for quite some time, I mean come on, a movie about Japanese kids stuck on an island until they give in and kill all but one of them off? Well, OK, describing that I'm not quite sure where...(read more) my trepidation came from. Now I wish I'd overcome it sooner. The violence was well done, but more importantly it was a movie about the bonds between friends, family, and the ones which society attempts to artificially insert into the core of society to control us.

Battle Royale II

Nowhere near as great as the first, and it's hard to judge it on its own merit due to the majesty of the first effort. This one was an individual creation, apart from the original plotting of the story. It was a risk to do so, and one that did leave ...(read more)me wishing they'd just gone to the unused story which was sitting right there. But in any case, it's still quite enjoyable once I put up a mental separation between it and the first.


Very good, but it had the potential to be great. As others have said, the dialog fell flat fairly often. And fido, well, I expected something a bit more gruesome for the makeup. I know, I know, social commentary as the main point. I think we could st...(read more)ill have had him with some of his face missing or some such.