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A History of Violence
56 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Flat out fantastic movie. Viggo takes this one by the reigns and never lets go. Lots of bloody violence, but the story is compelling and believable enough that you end up tagging along.

No Country for Old Men
14 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A phenomenal Western concerning discovered treasure and the troubles it brings for one individual (Josh Brolin), unbeknowest to him that a maniacal serial killer (Javier Bardem) won't rest until he has what's his. It has a beautiful take on the downward spiral humanity is in and the detachment many country folk feel from the current world advancing so fast in technology and forgetting their roots. Bardem is especially memorable as the villain, who is frightening all the way to the end. In my mind though, not worthy of the "Best Picture" honor it received at the Academy Awards that year (that belongs to "Into the Wild"), but still, a truly great film that has aged wonderfully.

Disturbia (2007)
14 months ago via Movies on iPhone

A decent conversion of a Hitchcock classic to modern-day America. The leads are passable, the story is very predictable however, with an ending that ruins its one shot of suspense big time. It's still a pretty good movie for teens and the like to watch, since the two lead stars are obviously attractive and their relationship strengthens as the film goes on. It's a typical standard thriller, but it has enough humor and the use of technology is used very well, so it's probably worth a view.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1
19 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

An average, slightly disappointing and too grim follow-up to the first two riveting 'Hunger Games' films about the expansion of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) into a public relations figure for the rebels, and how The Capital led by a corrupt rule (Donald Sutherland) looks to squash whatever progress they make. The acting as always is top-notch, but the decision in where this film goes with the plot just is not as interesting as compared to the previous films. We have seen many movies before deal with the subject of public relations before, and in a much more convincing, better way than this movie, including in the first two films. Once the film leaves this part of the plot behind it gets more interesting, but ultimately I can't give this movie a recommendation because of how bogged down it gets because of this direction it takes in its first half of duration.