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Barry Lyndon

Barry Lyndon(1975)

A sprawling, flawed, but still ultimately successful epic about a drifter (Ryan O'Neal) in the 18th century who goes from poverty to riches after serving in the Seven Years' War and coming out a hero after saving his captain's life, and how he marries into wealth and tries to attain the status and respect he feels he deserves. Although there is no justifiable reason for this film to be three hours (the middle hour especially sags considerably), this still remains an important movie due to its overarching themes of wealth and how it affects one's life and perspective, and how ultimately money means nothing and family and relationships are more important and rewarding. O'Neal gives a sensational performance, and while Kubrick has seen better days directing, this movie still wins out in the end due to its ability to drive home an important message with resolute force.