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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
World War Z

World War Z(2013)

A fast-paced if unsuccessfully jam-packed mix of apocalypse thriller and cautionary tale concerning a former UN worker (Brad Pitt) who must come back for that dreaded "one last job" once a zombie invasion takes over the planet and he is forced to help if he wants to keep his family safe. Pitt, putting on his best Harrison Ford face and performance ("Where's my family!?"), does a pretty good job with a character that is not as well detailed as it should be. Compare this movie to a similar film, "28 Days Later", and it does not look good at all next to it, given its inconsistent second half and inability to develop any supporting characters next to Pitt. With that said, the action sequences and special effects are relatively impressive, but the globe-trotting affair the film puts Pitt through grows tiresome and pretty impractical as the movie goes on. With a director that put more focus on characters as well as knowing how to end his story on a satisfying, firm note, this could have been a solid film. Instead it is just okay, forgettable entertainment that is neither bad nor good.