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Boku no kanojo wa saib˘gu (Cyborg Girl) (Cyborg She)
10 days ago via Movies on Android phone

when ghost in the shell meets goblin somewhere in time, utter nonsense ensues. yet it is the stuff of every otaku's electric dreams... true flesh and blood amid the desolation and isolation of modern urbanity and perpetual "connection". one hopes that the protagonist would not need to wait centuries for his posthumous feelings to be reciprocated and sought

The Return
The Return (2003)
10 days ago via Flixster

A sublime, cinematographically-engaging film about 2 brothers meeting the estranged dad they never knew, and going on a remote fishing trip together to 'toughen' them up into the men he wants them to be. Ivan plays the role of the rebellious, yet sensitive beta-male brilliantly.

The Warrior (Musa)
10 days ago via Flixster

a multi-national war epic with a lot of (unnecessary) bloodshed. the changing of dynasties was an uncertain time with a few koryo diplomats caught in the fray. ziyi reprises her 1-d bratty role with her trademark sulky glares as the "helpless" princess. the tension between the general and the ambassador's slave was pretty good though, and the fight scenes highlight yet again, the harsh terror of war, in which everyone loses.

Kong: Skull Island
12 days ago via Movies on Android phone

campy monstrous fun right from the get go, with immersive ILM cgifx. there's little not to like about the movie, except perhaps for the out of place biologist. stay past the end creds for a regal reunion.