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Terminator Genisys

To be honest, I thought it was a great action flick. The story was a little hard to understand, however, they made it work. Not sure I liked how they made Arnold a 'dad' type role; when you look back at the originals you think of just a badass with a gun. I think they tried to force humor into some parts of the movie and it was kind of cheesy, but didn't take away from the movie at all in my opinion. Action was awesome, special effects were top notch, Story was just ok, and the acting was decent. I'll own it as part of the franchise when it comes out.


What a depressing, dark, SLOW, bore of a zombie flick. The only reason it gets a star is because of Arnold. I hoped for more from this movie - total disappointment.

Jurassic World

Though it can't match the originals, this popcorn thriller is definitely a must see if you're a fan of the original series "Jurassic Park." I didn't think this movie was at all cheesy - cleverly put together is more like it. I personally enjoy when sequels or remakes put a reference from its predecessors- JW didn't disappoint! I'll definitely own this in 3d when it's released! Great kick off to a new view on the series.


Nowhere near as good as the original. I think the conjuring may have had a better story, just change the title.

Evil Dead
Evil Dead(2013)

This is probably one of the better remakes I've ever seen. It definitely gives a wink and a nod to its original story; it had bits and pieces every original fan could pick up on. Did you expect anything different being that Bruce gave his approval? If you were a following of the original cult classic growing up like me - you're sure to enjoy this one!

Texas Chainsaw

Acting was ATROCIOUS. Story...meh. I wouldn't say it was as bad as rotten tomatoes suggests, but it definitely wasn't very good. Really cheesy at times and a lot of one liners that kind of ruined the movie for me. I'll probably add it to the collection once it's released though.

Paranormal Activity 4

Here we go again. All I can say is, they need to stop making these.


I didn't think this was horrible by any means. It did drag in some parts; ending was a bit predictable. Acting was superb. Not a terrible horror film to add to the collection if you have one.

The Possession

You know.. for pg13, this wasn't too bad! Great acting! OK story.. I'll add it to my collection when it comes out for sure.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Excellent movie! Beginning started pretty slow though.

Marvel's The Avengers

Just another super hero movie that lasted 2.5 hours. Not terrible, but I don't think it's worthy of the hype it's gotten. I enjoyed the effects and that's about it.

The Three Stooges

It wasn't the originals, but this movie captured the stooges we've all come to love pretty decently. Kudos to the actors, they certainly did their homework!

The Hunger Games

Perfectly captured all of what you would expect from the book!

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

Excellent seamless sequel-prequel to Carpenters original remake! I'm glad they didn't overdue it with the special effects. I think it stayed true to its predecessor with the 'Thing' feel if you will. It did not deserve the roasting it received on RT. Poor RT world...sometimes so clueless.

If I were to do a prequel sequel to The Thing, this is the way I would do it!

Acting: A-
Story: A

Piranha 3-D
Piranha 3-D(2010)

For a B movie, id say this is worth a watchand one of those late night drunken movies. Pretty much aimed towards guys, and storyline isnt great. But what do you want for a B movie. Besides, where else are you gonna see richard dreyfuss get eaten in the first 5 min of the movie? ...well.. it wasnt jaws. The easiest way to compare it is a wild, vulgar jaws, and thats stretching it.

FX: B+

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Storyline was pretty decent. Im glad i saw this movie. I was skeptical at first. In respect to its predecessors , the foreshadowing was very unique. I thought it was thought out very well, and superb acting. Looking forward to a new remake.
Acting: A
Story: A

Cowboys & Aliens

I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of cowboys meeting the 21st century. At times though, i found the movie to drag a little bit. With excellent effects and superb acting, i thought each complimented eachother well. If youre a fan of westerns and sci fi, this flick is for you! I did not like what they did with the aliens. In my opinion, they could have made the movie a little more creepier with traditional 'gray' type aliens. :-) so unique to combine sci fi and western

Acting: A
Fx: A
Story: B
Costume/creature creation: B

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Mr. Spielberg strikes again. I was impressed with this story, however i did not care for the portraying of the alien. I think of this movie as Stevens modern ET. I I will definitely be picking this one up when its released.

Acting: B+
Fx: A+
Story: A-

Horrible Bosses

i thought this movie was a bit out of character for Jen. Acting was superb in this although i couldnt stand charlie day. Look at it as the 3 stooges looking to kill their bosses.

Acting: A-
Fx: na
Story: B-

The Rite
The Rite(2011)

I thought this was a decent flick. If youre a fan of the exorcist/demon genre this one should be in your list to watch. It approaches possession from a different viewpoint which ifound pretty unique. The book so far is better. Like i said, its wortha look.



Think of this movie as a vulgar ET with a bit of stupidity. Acting was O-K at best. Seth Rogan's best however (in my opinion - I'm not fan though). Even still, the references to its predecessors lets the audience connect which makes this film successful.


This one is better than Predator 2. I like when sequels or remakes touch on the originals. Often in Predators, they touched on the original film and worked it into the story.

Adrian Brody lead the film with strong acting, followed by Laurence Fishburne.

What action scenes there were really did well in capturing the Predators we all come to enjoy watching.

I have to admit, my expectations were low for this one. Though not as good as the original, I walked out of the theater pleasantly surprised.

The Last Exorcism

I rate the Last Exorcism a 1.5 - 2. I'm surprised it received such a good rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Storyline was O-K at best. The first hour dragged and left me asking myself "when is something going to happen". Often I felt the movie was more of a comedy then a horror flick with cheesy lines and poor acting.

Acting was terrible. It had a "Hills have Eyes" kind of feel to it to me. I had high expectations for a return exorcism movie and walked out disappointed.

Good advice - Stick to the classics!

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

Being a fan of the original -- it was just an O-K remake. I was glad to see that they didn't completely ruin it. Special effects were ok, the plot was decent. Acting was also decent. It was a good experience overall. I found there were some points that dragged.

When it comes to the acting, Del Toro is good, but he's no Lon Chaney Jr. (the original wolfman). I like how they tried to keep the wolf's look to the original and I like how they made little references to its roots in the original (for instance, the silver wolf cane).

The only thing about this movie I didn't care for was the ending -- I'll leave it at that.

Acting: B+
Special Effects: B-
Plot: C
Overall: B-

It's hard to remake a classic, I'm glad to see they didn't butcher this one.

Worth a watch -- you won't feel like you wasted your money.


I thought this was a great movie! I wasnt a fan of Eisenberg before this movie. Adding Woody to the mix made the movie complete. Acting was superb (even by Bill Murray! -- my fav part of the movie). Storyline was not really apparent, however, each character had his/her own history and personality. I liked that about this movie on how each character was developed and had their own personality. This movie will be at the tops of the Horror/comedy scene for a long time to come. Congrats Zombieland!

Acting: A
Storyline: B-
Graphics/Special Eff.: N/A (no special effects)
Costumes: A


this movie is worth seeing at least once. Despite it's long, drawn out plot, "2012" offered spectacular special effects. Acting was as expected, I wasn't expecting Woody Harrelson -- he added more to this movie and was a valuable asset to the success of this. (That and I'm a fan of Harrelson). However, I didn't care for how many close calls there were. It seemed every action scene had a close call of some kind where someone BARELY makes it. JC should have been dead like 10 times in the movie. Was it just me or did this movie just seem to drag in places?

Acting: A-
Effects: A+
Moral/story: B
Misc: Length: C

The Fourth Kind

Of all the alien movies and documentaries, I would rather watch the History channels special of UFOs. This is a poor excuse for an alien movie. Using fake footage, Osunsanmi often compared re-inacted footage with fake footage. How convenient the camera would experience "interference" every time something would happen (which was..maybe 3 times in the movie). There is no appearance by an alien or anything of the like. The Owls got annoying after the first 10 min of the movie. After that, I fell asleep twice. Acting was less than sufficient and the storyline was just as bad. The only reason I'm giving this 1.5 is because of the movie's theme.

Paranormal Activity

The easiest way for me to describe it is the Exorcist live. This movie gets 4.5 thumbs up for me for its unique cinematography, acting, and storyline. Truely an inspiration for all upcomming horror/sci-fi/paranormal flicks. I didn't expect much of this one, I was pleasently suprised--and creeped!

Night Skies
Night Skies(2007)

Pretty good way to portray an abduction scene. I dont know, this movie didn't do it for me, the storyline was horrible, acting was even worse! The aliens set the tone for this movie and is the only reason for my half rating, otherwise this movie gets 1 star--if that.


"..Is someone there?.." The true story by whitley strieber. I prefer the book over the movie but still a Christopher Walken fan. not the best of all alien abduction stories made into movies but still erie.

Fire in the Sky

If your into the paranormal and sci-fi, this flick is for you! True story of Travis Walton's abduction case. Must see for every X-philer and "I want to Believe" followers.

The Fly
The Fly(1986)

It was great to finally see a remake of a classic with newer technology. Jeff Goldblum plays a scientist looking for a whole lot more than answers. Watch as an experiment intended to help mankind goes terribly wrong and changes one man's life forever--physically.

Project X
Project X(1987)

Hell of a movie to grow up to. Sad, chilling, but the truth. Mathew Broderick and Helen Hunt make a great team and in turn great movie!

The X-Files - Fight the Future

A true must see for any x philer. Big fan of the mulder/scully team and I cant wait for the second movie to come out next year.