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Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy (2005)
10 years ago via Flixster

pretty good film. i like lars van trier, and this script is very original. would recommend to anyone whom has an obsession with anything.

Lilja 4-ever
Lilja 4-ever (2003)
10 years ago via Flixster

EXCELLENT FILM. very depressing story about a young girl left by her mother to fend for herself on the dark moscow streets. The movie is perfect, not only is the acting priceless the story is profound and this is the kind of story that needs to be told in a movie.

101 Reykjavik
101 Reykjavik (2001)
10 years ago via Flixster

Very good Icelandic movie. I have seen very few Icelandic movies, and let me tell you this one is a must see if anyone likes Icelandic culture. This movie is great altogether, from start to end.

Fay Grim
Fay Grim (2007)
10 years ago via Flixster

This movie is a continuation of Hal Hartley's 'Henry Fool'. Even though I have enjoyed Henry Fool and Hartley's previous works this one kept getting less interesting by the minute. The story seems like it will take off till the end of the movie, however, the ending is missing completion and is exactly where we left off with from the beginning. Parker Posey is great nontheless, I expected a little more from Hartley, but even though the acting is great the movie was made to be bigger than the actual plot.

Firecracker (2005)
10 years ago via Flixster

starts off really artsy and david lynch-esque. however, while pondering when it would get better and actually have a meaningful turn around was not seen. weird and fucked up movie.