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The Babysitter
9 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Although it suffers from some cliches and a little too much self indulgence, "The Babysitter" is a rare horror comedy that deftly balances comedy and horror without succumbing to the pitfalls of either. It's nowhere near perfect, but it's a bloody, brutal ridiculously fun time.

The Mummy
The Mummy (2017)
38 days ago via Movies on iPhone

While it doesn't come close to the adventure and thrilling nature of the first two Brendan Fraser films, "The Mummy" is half-decent popcorn fare elevated by Cruise and Crowe, excellent effects, and a sense of humour.

31 (2016)
55 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Like the demented, troubled offspring of a Running Man/Texas Chainsaw Massacre hybrid, Zombie's "31," is an interesting mess. While it's reliance on gore over tension and shock over atmosphere tends to bog down the film in its own sense of importance, there are hints of Zombie's sadistic creativity on display. His "Devil's Rejects" was a Grindhouse masterpiece, while "31" settles for merely throwing blood, guts, and brains at the screen and hoping it sticks. With a tighter script, better editing, and a more methodical approach, 31 could have lived up to its potential. As it is now, it's a messy, mediocre experiment for die-hard Zombie fans only.

Hidden (2015)
58 days ago via Movies on iPhone

A brilliant, methodical screenplay that benefits from the Duffer brothers' keen cinematic sensibilities that they'd later harness to a great degree in Stranger Things. Here, a slow burn, claustrophobic thriller morphs into something else entirely, putting s fresh spin on a tired genre. Along with brilliant casting, creative cinematography and a killer twist, Hidden is a horror film-must for fans of the genre.