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4 years ago via Flixster
A Good Day To Die Hard

A Good Day To Die Hard(2013)

At one point McClane asks his son whether he has a plan. The response? "Not really. I kinda thought we would just wing it, you know. Running in, guns blazing! Make it up as we go." That about sums it up. A Good Day to Die Hard is the director really just "winging it". Run around, shoot some stuff, throw in a cliched plot twist that should surprise no one over the age of 5, and for the love of God make sure Willis says his catch phrases. And sure, some of the action is fun, and some of Willis' lines are delivered perfectly. But even when the film is at its best, I'm just thinking there are four other Die Hard movies that would kick the ass of this one in a fight. And in the moments that aren't roundhouse kicks and machine guns, it's awkward father/son drama made all the worse by Jai Courtney's terrible, terrible acting. And as the film comes to close with father, son and daughter walking on a tarmac together to a sappy score in semi-slow motion, I shit you not, it ends in a freeze frame. It could only have been more ridiculous if they'd been high fiving each other at the time.