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In July (Im Juli)
14 months ago via Movies on Facebook

Fatih Akin's second feature. It's simply a good and enjoyable road movie. Although some parts look technically amateurish and incomplete (especially where it becomes just a montage of snapshots when the couple is in Bulgaria), sophisticated script covers it. Again, Akin's direction and storytelling are really "contemporary" and culturally very diverse, but it's not as heavy and center-focused as theme of the film as "Head-On" (2004), and it (specialty of contemporary European society) is well-used to strengthen the very optimistic and exotic mood of the film. Characters are all attractive and well-developed. Personally, I think the film is little bit too unfocused on the trip itself (like Wenders's films), and the conclusion (and overall story development) is little bit too artificial, but it is definitely enjoyable, cheerful, and heartwarming piece. Nice.

Flirting Scholar (Tang Bohu dian Qiuxiang)
14 months ago via Movies on Facebook

A quite well-done comedy among all the early works of Stephen Chow (not as good as "From Beijing with Love" made in 1994). Based on a popular old Chinese story, Chow plays legendary artist who leaves his house to seek for the true love. The heroin is played by Li Gong (still young but already featured in so many Yimou Zhang's films as his muse). She shows totally different charm than other films which she is in. It's also good to see Pei-Pei Cheng (my idol) plays such a comical role almost like a self-parody. Actions are relatively good, but as Chow himself states, there are too many things inn the film, so it lacks the unity as a whole.