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District 9
District 9(2009)

Lets put an example out....An Extraterrestrial race, crash's out on earth, unable to take flight, and and surprising, its not in NYC or LA or Washington DC... in fact its not even in America...So what would the government do to these alien races that have no were to go....Give them a place to live...And thus, District 9 is born, housing more than 1 million alien's or as the people has come to call them. "prawns" so the prawns have lived there for a good 20 years, but not peacefully. the humans living outside District 9, do not like them living there, and the prawns have come not to like the humans as well. as the MNU agents have come to abuse the prawns...as one of the MNU human agents get infect with some sort of virus he is attacked from all sides, humans and aliens, but in the end, which side will help him.
This is an outstanding film...but let me give you a little tip...it is not for the faint hearted.... if you feel sick by just seeing a little blood....this film is not for you, for the last half features a full blown out battle that is breath taking, thrilling, and very gory

500 Days of Summer

A great love....not love....love not to last story....a story about true life....a story of boy meats girl....girl leaves guy...and the life that fallows


Vassup! I'm Bruno!...those words mark the first 3 words into Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie "Bruno" The story of a gay flamboyant Austrian fashionista, trying to take his show to America. While it is not considered a sequel. it technically is, hey if you want to be really technical, its the 3rd film in the Sacha Baron Cohen trilogy.

Bruno is the fallow up film of Baron Cohen's 2006 masterpiece "Borat", however to call this film a masterpiece would be giving it a little to much credit. While has the same style of Borat, of interviewing people who are unaware who Bruno or Baron Cohen is (Some of course are staged....I feel a lot were in this film) It lacks all the strong points of what Borat had.

The Film's story isn't that strong...in fact, there isn't really one at at...just Bruno trying to be famous. I bet Baron Cohen and the writing team just sat down and were like "okay, lets see how many gay jokes we can fit into a 88 minute movie." Which some of them are pretty funny, while others (and most of them) are just gross and disturbing, you might have a short laugh from those but that's just because of the shock of it, once it passes, its not really funny.

The worst part of this film is the ending, it really makes no sense and is pretty stupid, and for the whole film, well lets just say it doesn't take a High IQ to find it that funny

One last tip...This is an R film, and usually that means nothing to most people, but in this case that R is there for a reason. i don't think it should be R, more like NC-17....

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will most likely be the biggest and most popular movie of the summer (or the year), however it will also most likely grab the title of worst movie of the summer or year. Revenge of the Fallen is one of the biggest most uncreative pieces of filth ever produced by Hollywood in the past few years. this should be noted however, if you loved the first film you will probably fall in love with this one, because it is pretty much a remake of it. The plots (or lack of) are almost identical. "Bad guy is dead,The other bad guys bring him back to life, they find a kid that has the key to find the weapon to destroy the world and they go after him, good robots fight bad robots and explosions happen" Which movie is that? both of them. "Fallen" is 2 1/2 hours way to long, i found my self hard to pay attention most of the time, as well for some people falling asleep around me. about half the robots and humans characters in this movie are completely unnecessary and just thrown in there to get a few laughs out (which most of them are highly racist and very offensive) Shia LaBeouf reprises his role, of the dorky kid who once again gets tied into saving the world. Megan Fox returns again also and has the highly important job of using her good looks to get people to not notice the horrible acting(which dose not work by the way) The movie is full of immature 15 year old sex jokes and big explosions which will please any guy with the immaturity of that age. Now some people might ask "What about the special effects? those are pretty good right?" Well that's a yes and no. Like the first one, The Special effects are spectacular, when the robots are not in action. the minute the go to beat each other up, you can't tell who's who, who's winning, or what is going on. And there are a lot of those scenes. The lame comic effect lines are used about whenever action scenes are not going on, and about more than half the time they do not work. However there isn't a doubt in my mind that this movie will make more money than any other movie this summer, its only other threat will be harry potter. This movie would be fun to watch at least, if it wasn't for the length, but if you in the mood for a beat em' up movie with pretty much no plot and just 2 1/2 hours of mindless pointless action, this might be for you.


Pixar Animation Studios, is a company that seems to not know the word failure when it comes to movies. I think what makes Pixar different than other animated films is they focus more on the plot and story, and their new movie UP keeps up with there running tradition. The film takes you on a adventure with 78-year-old balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen, who finally fulfills his lifelong dream of a great adventure when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America. fallowed with an overly-optimistic 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer named Russell. But they discovers all too late that adventure is full of danger. Usually I don't bother to watch animated film, however Pixar is my one exception, Pixar's film last year - Wall-e - turned out to be such a spectacular film with a strong allegory to real life. the only reason i would not give UP at 5 star rating is that lacks the strong allegory that Wall-e had. (but don't get me wrong, the film does still have a strong message) Pixar films usally go "UP" and beyond the normal quality of animation, and when i found out that it was in 3D I was assuming that the 3D would be spectacular, and I couldn't be anymore than right than I was. I have seen many 3D films, and this was a whole new level of the technology, i strongly suggest seeing it in 3D, if you have a theater that will play it, if you don't, it will still be fun and exciting film for all.

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

Another "Hollywood" Sequel made simply for money. The movie is filled with pointless jokes that go on for to long from "Don't touch that thing" to "The monkey slapping" that just tire you of the movie. the movie starts off with Ben Stiller finally having a job of his own - glow in the dark flashlights- which he wanted to start his own company before in the first one, but after not getting a company started he found the museum guard and loved it so much, so why did he leave anyway? The movie should have big laughs for about the 12 and under audience. I adimit i cracked up one or two times but that's about it. Amy Adams however steals the movie. She has a energetic performance that's "get up and go" from the minute she enters to the minute she leaves. but her alone can't save the film and even at some points she fails big time. But a good family film to take the kids to, but that's about it

Terminator Salvation

Better than I expected. While its true that like Terminator 3, Salvation doesn't carry the same balance of terrific drama and action as Terminator 1 and 2, and it is mostly replaced with large explosions, and only small parts of love and drama , but it still fits in this movie. While Terminator 3 can pretty much be summed up with three words "loud, dumb and obvious" Salvation can be summed up with "loud, little smarter, and not as obvious" "Salvation" is a squeal and a prequel, so i suggest you see the first two films before watching this, you won't be terribly lost if you don't see them, but at least you should see the first one because most of the references to the others are from that film. "Salvation" takes you to the year 2018, 14 years after the events of Terminator 3, and gives you a look at what life is after the events of Judgment Day. The film again takes the lead focus on the leader of the human resistance John Connor ( Christian Bale) Connor isn't the leader yet (that will probably be saved for the squeal) but he is at a high rank in the resistance. Troubled by other officers, whom don't know to beleive that the events of his life before judgment day really happened or not. Connor has to end up by making many decisions by himself and some of his followers.
Along with Christian Bale, the film has a great cast with Anton Yelchin, and Sam Worthington. Perhaps the worst part of this film is the plot. The story is filled with holes and things that are pretty simple. The story can be wrapped up like this "A war is going on, lets stop it, throw in some cool explosions and car chases" But over all the film is fun, fast passed and may even make you jump at some points. If your looking for smart drama action film like the first 2 you might be disappointed, but i don't think it will leave you thinking "I hate this film"

Angels & Demons

Better than I thought....But that is not saying much. Angels & Demons is a nice improvement over Ron Howard's failure on "The Da Vinci Code" but is sill no where as good as the book, or title of a "Good Movie" for that fact. The book by Dan Brown, being one of my favorite books, i was excited to see it, but i tried to be unbiased at all. First off to the fans of the book, let me warn you. if you are looking for this movie to be anywhere as good as the book its not. The film fallows the basic plot and pretty much leaves many important things left out. About the last 200 of the pages are completely ignored. But I'm not here to talk about the book...that much. With an all star cast with Tom Hanks (Forest Gump) Ewan McGregor (Big Fish) and Stellan SkarsgÄrd (Good Will Hunting). You would think the acting would at least be pretty good. Wrong. McGregor has a boring dull voice that is supposed to be comforting. but yet, it either wants to make you fall asleep, or laugh at some of the corny lines he gives out. And as for Hanks, Well lets just say Mr. Hank's time has gone and went and its looking about a good time now to retire. The film continues to fallow the path of Robert Langdon, a few years after the events of The Da Vinci Code.(in the book it is a few years before the "Code") Scientist have discover a way to safely contain and somewhat control Antimatter or "The God Particle" and shows up somewhere hidden in Vatican City, only shown threw security footage threw the use of a a portable security camera. A letter has also been set to the Vatican reading Illuminati. The Church fears there old ancient enemy has returned now more powerful than ever so they call in Robert Langdon. Who it seems to be the only person who knows who can understand symbols and the history of the Illuminati cult. The film makes Langdon seem like a genius and everyone else completely stupid. A scene is shown where two guards try open a church door but fail. then Langdon jumps up and opens it...and how does he do it? by turning the door nob.

Over all, the film was....Alright...I wouldn't strongly suggest this to really anyone..but if you bored and looking for a somewhat good thriller...this might be for you.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

AMAZING! normally i would write a big review about this. but this movie just left me speechless GO SEE IT

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Here we are again. After the failure of X-men three in 2006, who thought we would have another X-men anytime soon. But here we are again, and I am please to say that is is a nice improvement over X-men 3. With that said, you should note that this film comes no where close to as good as the first two films. While the action scenes are sure to blow you away at sometimes, things like the plot and the story had pretty big hols in it a sometimes and it seems like they could have put more effort into it. Same goes for the special effects and the acting. at some points in the film just a helicopter flying by looks to fake. But over all, this movie is pretty decent and great fun to watch

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

An emotionally charged and gritty look at what goes on behind the scenes of professional wrestling.With an outstanding performance by Mickey Rourke, and the direction of this film was something beyond incredible. Along with Mickey Rourke, both Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood, give top noch performances. This movie has a little something for all fans, plenty of action, plenty of drama, and with a few laughs thrown in here and there. Randy "The Ram" Robinson(Rourke) is a retired professional wrestler who's having a hard time adjusting to a major life-style change. Randy hasn't given up his Wrestler career altogether, He works weekends on various independent wrestling promotions. But after a Ill fated turn of events, Randy is forced to retire all together. As well, Randy is trying to settle down and mend the relationship with his daughter Stephanie(Evan Rachel Wood) who he hasn't spoken with for several years. This movie is so memorizing that it is almost impossible to not care for any of the characters, there not just actors and actresses in a movie, they all seem like real people with real lives.


Great and Outstanding. As Watchmen being one of my favorite books i was very excited to see this movie. when the first early reviews came out, most of them were negative saying they were to much like the novel, which i thought "How is that a bad thing?" but after seeing it I realize what they were saying. almost every scene (except from the few changes they made to the ending) is exactly how the book show it, if you were to sit with the book in the theater, you would be albe to fallow along and be able what scene it is just by the pictures, it seems to lack just a little bit of the directors own creativity. but don't get me wrong, this movie is well worth seeing, I do suggest reading the book first. If you liked the movie 300 (Which i was not a fan of) you will love this. Director Zack Snyder, puts a lot of 300 into this film, but also put a new style into this. But Over all, the Directing, good. the Story, still great, Acting, Pretty good. This movie gets my approval and i will most likely see again in the near future


Well what to say about this. When people see the trailer they usually think two things. This is like the "squeal" to Jumper, or a movie version of the TV show Heroes. Well your both right and wrong. The movie is a whole lot better than Jumper, and it doesn't fallow a plot line like Heroes at all. What i liked about the movie is how creative it was, The unique powers that everyone had that was defiantly the best parts of the movie. The plot on the other hand, could have been better. The people with abilities are being chased down by a secret organization tilted only "Division" Maybe they spent to much time of their creative process on the powers and not enough on the plot. Over all I give this movie three stars, If you like Sci Fi action adventure movies, you will most likey enjoy Push. You might want to even see it again, I might, (well maybe if i don't have to pay"

Repo! The Genetic Opera

An Interesting unique story. A Musical like you have never seen. Gory, Disturbing and Sick, however very artistic and great music. Repo! is set in the future were organ failure is the leading epidemic, so what is the solution? A organ-financing program similar in nature to a standard car loan. But if you cannot pay off your loan, well the Repo Man comes and repossess your organs. Like I said, Disturbing, however still highly unique, very creative. Acting and singing are great, on the other side, the plot is weak. but over all it is a movie well woth seeing once...that is if you don't mind the gore.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

A Masterpiece. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tells the story of a young man who was born under "unusual circumstances" he was born old. And as the years progress he ages backwards, and As he grows younger everyone around him grows older and older and he learns one of life's most precious lessons. Director David Fincher (Fight Club) is able to bring us one of the most visually stunning pictures this year. Great Film, One of the best films that i have seen this year.

Pan's Labyrinth

A Horrific Masterpiece. Director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy 1,2 and Blade 2) brings us a visually stunning masterpiece about a young girl who travels with her mother to live with her new Step father in the North of Spain. The Setting takes place just after the Spanish civil war. while the post-war Fascist repression is growing, the young girl is approached by mythical creatures who say that she is the reincarnated from of the princess of their world and it is time for her to return, but before she can return to the underworld, she must complete three task before the next full moon. Filled with amazing visual effects, costume and Makeup design, Pan's Labyrinth is a must see for any fantasy fan

No Country for Old Men

The Coen Brothers strike again, this time better than ever. Joel and Ethan Coen, writers and director of Fargo, and The Big Lebowski. a great style of directing held up by a great cast. The film involves a a young run of the Mill Texas hunter who stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong. when he finds a suitcase in a back of a truck and takes it away, things go from bad to worse. the movie stars Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem and Tommy Lee Jones


Christopher Nolan's 2nd movie and one of his best. adapted from the short story; Memento Morie written by his brother Johnathon Nolan, Memento follows the tale of a man who suffers from a memory problem were he can't remember anything for more than a half an hour, trying to find the man who killed his wife.

An masterpiece and a movie everyone must see


Untill No Country for old men, Fargo was the Coen brothers best film. The Film uses a good mix of Drama and Comedy, to make it enjoyable for anyone to see

The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan's Greatest movie since Memento. In the Dark Knight, Chris Nolan brings you into a comic book world you would never dream of. With an Amazing Cast all around from Christian Bale, Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman and breathtaking performance by the late Heath Ledger, This movie gets 5 stars, and will defiantly be the first summer blockbuster/comic book movie to ever win best picture/best director at the Oscars...an award Chris Nolan deserved a long time ago, not to mention a posthumous Oscar for best supporting actor for Heath Ledger

The Incredible Hulk

100 times better than Iron Man, best super Hero movie of the year so far

Vantage Point

Outstanding, The best movie i have seen all year. there is nothing bad to say bout this movie, i don't want to give you to much detail about it because i don't want to spoil it, but go see it you won't be displeased


When i saw this movie, i must say i was a little disappointed, that being said it was still pretty decent. The Plot was very strong and the action scenes were well done. the only real problem with the movie was The acting. Hayden Christensen has gotten a little better since star wars, but he needs to get a LOT better, and some of the other actors could have been a little better, but over all it wasn't that bad, if you are looking for a good action flick, this is it.

The Simpsons Movie

Very funny movie, well not quite a movie just a longer episode, and come on, who doesn't love those?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

well here we are again, the 5th movie for harry potter. and i must say it has done a lot better than its previous ones. much darker, for the most party it fallowed the book pretty good, some things were left out, but they way i see it, the book was around what 700 pages ? if you can sum it down and get pretty close in justs 2 hours, its not that bad. i thought they did a great job on Umbridge...u really just want to smack her the minuinte you see it. i sugust u read the book before u see it. because the book is always better

Live Free or Die Hard

best movie of the year, if your tired of movies that are over loaded with Special effects or lame comic relief and just wanna sit back and be blown away this is your movie. the plot is amazing Bruce Willis still can pack a full punch if you have seen the other Die Hard movie's you must see this this one it is by far the best one over all and one of the best action film's i have ever seen


well over all this movie was a disappointment. it was meant to amaze you with special effects, but think about it technology is so advance these days you are never impressed any more with that good old action fighting is better. but yes this is a movie about robots so you really have no choice for this kind of film. but also Micheal Bay is not that great of director, he over lodes all his movies with to much comedy and lose all respect for the rest of the m movie, don't waste ur money and see it wait till its on video. how ever the action scenes were pretty good, it was much like spider-man 3 good fighting but when it comes out to the over all of the movie no madder how good the action or the special effects are you have to keep the plot very strong the hole way and don't go over board with the comdey