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Monster Trucks
2 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This was actually a fun family movie. Don't expect it to be perfect, & yes it is predictable, but Creech was cute & the action was fun.

The Accountant
3 days ago via Flixster

A decent thriller with some good action. Some of the mysteries to solve were neat. I really enjoyed the performances of Affleck, Simmons, and Bernthal especially. I guessed one of the reveals at the end, but it was still cool to watch.
That being said, a movie about an autistic savant turned assassin is just bizarre.

Sing (2016)
15 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Cute family movie with a nice story, some fun moments, & great songs. Love hearing Seth McFarlane sing Sinatra!

Pete's Dragon
Pete's Dragon (2016)
18 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Such a great family movie. Elliot was excellent & the plot was wonderful. I highly recommend this one for all families.

Hardcore Henry
18 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Started off fun & unique, but quickly got repetitive.