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Arrivederci, Baby!
6 hours ago via Rotten Tomatoes

At some point in the swinging mid-60's, nothing was cooler than being an Italian sex bomb. What happened to our culture that THAT went by the wayside?!? In any case, Tony Curtis plays his typical ladykiller conman scheming to get to the fortunes of rich widows, until he meets his match with (gulp!) forgotten sex bomb Rosanna Schiaffino (who might've been #5 on the list of ltalian starlets with oomph behind Sophia, Gina, Claudia, Sylvia ... it was a cottage industry back then). Nothing serious going on here but light entertainment, for which it performs it's job without much fuss. European locales nearly lead me to suspect the tourist industry producing these films to boost cruise ship sales. Lionel Jeffries looks happy merely to be working. Like playing with a puppy or a kitten, cute fun.

The Snowtown Murders
6 hours ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Gripping. Harrowing. If you can manage through the Aussie accents, this story of how a charismatic, machismo figure can burrow into the heart of a group and subvert the whole magilla is one hell of a ride. Like a true rollercoaster, it starts slowly, and the work plays so nearly like a documentary (without the voiceover) that it's hard to determine what's going on at first, but then you know, and like the characters on the screen the question becomes how to deal with what you know. Impressive filmmaking. And the most low-key acting I think I have ever seen, acting w/o acting. Most impressive.

Charade (1963)
1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Audrey Hepburn's in Paris and in some trouble. Her husband has been killed and these gorillas show up suddenly grunting about one quarter of a million dollars missing. Who can she trust? The only guy available (Cary Grant) changes his name, and his story (and thus the movie's title), daily. And people are being killed. Interestingly, the director Donen quite literally throws this at Grant but Hepburn steals the film anyhow. In the final analysis it all doesn't quite add up logically, but the charm of the leads, and Paris, and music by Mancini is one reason this is one of my favorites.

Holy Rollers
Holy Rollers (2010)
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Feeling left in the slow lane of life, New York Orthodox Jews try drug running for awhile, trading on their outsider status. Families disapprove, but they do improve the drug-running game, because they're good with money ... ! Oy.

I'm Not There
I'm Not There (2007)
4 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Taking literally from it's subject matter, that which refuses to be classified and boxed, this is sort of a biography of Bob Dylan, whoever that is, which is the point of the work. And so the lead is played by six, count 'em, six actors, all working to convey some indefinable aspect about the man who certainly could be said to be one of the foremost to have formed 60's counterculture music, and more. It's the most interesting biography I've ever seen, so much so that I, a devoted Dylan denier, decided to rethink my denials. Okay, so maybe he is a phony, but he's a real phony, or maybe not. Whoever the guy is, his music, his art, speaks for itself. Give it a watch.