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Harrison's Review of Man of Steel

4 years ago via Flixster
Man of Steel

Man of Steel(2013)

There were almost no parts of this that I liked. If Michael Shannon and Amy Adams weren't in this, along with a few cool action sequences, I might have honestly walked out. The dialogue and writing was just terrible ("Evolution always wins" monologue, "A good death is its own reward", terrible science jargon just thrown together to cover up gaping plot holes, the fact that aliens measured time in Earth hours and years), the shooting was terrible (shaky cams, action from far away followed by one zoom and then another zoom in such an incredibly predictable pattern), jumps in time for almost no reason constantly, Jor-El as the WORST transparent plot device, WILDLY inconsistent gravity throughout (there's a spaceship orbiting the Earth and at one point Superman just lets himself fall back to Earth--there are so many problems with this). I mean, come on. Give the audience some credit. I'm genuinely shocked at all of the users here giving it good ratings.