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The Big Parade

The Big Parade(1925)

King Vidor's war epic, The Big Parade is the story about the young rich man's son, Jim Apperson who joins the army right after war was declared. So does the tobacco chewing construction worker, Slim, and the bartender Bull, who all three becomes friends. Just weeks after, they are shipped to France, and stationed in a small French village, where all three falls for the same french girl, Melisande. But it's easy to see who she chose. But, then Jim's platoon is heading out to the front. And Melisande have to just watch while the love of her life goes away. The Big Parade is a good war film, with a lot of great romantic imagery, and also some great comic relieves from Slim and Bull. But the film also gives us some dramatic war scenes. Overall, The Big Parade is a good war epic as it should be. Thumbs up.